Oct. 24th 2017 Waco TX Jake Carrizal Trial Continues With No Evidence Jake Carrizal did anything..


Ofcr Jeremy Kenyon is a SWAT OFFICER who was assigned to Twin Peaks "just to be seen, and deter any issues that may arise out there" between Cossack's and Bandidos. Is it clear that Waco PD was really visible to anyone inside Twinn Peaks or coming into the parking lot? Is surrounding the perimeter with a few marked cars milling around in parking lot traffic really considered high visibility? Hiding with cameras they forget to turn on?


Note: In his testimony he and his partner moved closer through the parking lot as firing intensify even though they announced their presence.


Announce their presence, we thought they were visible?  That's the picture Able Reyna is trying to paint for the jury. 


Through out this trial we've heard of one "1" individual that saw the police, he even tapped the top helmet which signifies police ahead. We propose to you coming into Twinn Peaks your not looking at the surrounding parking lots, your not even looking at the rider in front who might be tapping his helmet. Your looking at all the bikes that have taken up parking and Cossack's milling around or taking offensive positions around Twinn Peaks. Cops hiding in the background is the last thing on your mind whether your a Bandido or any other club member. 


Why would you consider to continue going into the parking lot that's for the most part a trap and your clearly outnumbered.  


#1) Your a member of the COCI and you have the right to peaceably assemble, regardless of Waco PD Or Cossack's.


​#2) You refuse to believe that it would escalate to a gun fight and were not informed by the Waco PD that danger was imminent as they did for the Cossack's just before Twinn Peaks. Clearly that so called plea was ignored or the message was not strong enough to hit home. 


Cossack's leadership said they were ready! Did the Waco PD make them believe they had backup? 


​If the Waco PD was there to deter where in the hell were they?


Why was there not a police presence "in" the parking lot up front?


Why were they not moving into the parking lot when the Cossack's came over the rails? Could they not see them moving because they were hiding? Not really visible as they claim?


Why were sirens not blasting and lights as one Officer said they use to disperse crowds? 


Waco PD chose not to deter, instead the chose to just let it happen throwing caution to the wind. Clearly an operation not well planned full of misinformed trained swat officers that testified they got separated and confused and had poor communications with agencies unknown to them, DPS inside before they weren't. Who's where & doing what? 


Maybe just too busy chasing a chase vehicle that wasn't a chase vehicle at all.  


​This goes to poor leadership and the failure to have a police presence in the parking lot and in plain sight for all to see, not just a few.


Not today boys, not today. Everyone goes home safe and alive.