The wheels are coming off for Waco PD as gag orders are lifted and videos are being turned over to defense attorneys along with ballistic reports. Soon the world is going to know at least some of the truth. When the law starts lying to cover up misdeeds the urge to manipulate and omit evidence is overpowering.


The question now is do they really want to go to trial? The evidence is clear that not all the bikers were there to commit the crimes Sgt. Swanton described over a period of weeks.


There was a COCI meeting taking place that day, those meetings have been taking place all across Texas and the Nation without incident.


Waco PD gave no warning to the event organizers.


The only people that came looking for trouble were lead by Waco PD undercover operatives.


​Waco PD under cover operatives were involved in altercations leading up to TP.


Waco PD visited with leaders of the Cossacks the day before TP


Waco PD lied about the number of weapons found. They even counted weapons locked in vehicles. They counted everything that wasn't nailed down including clothing. 


Sgt Swanton spent the better part of two weeks painting bikers as criminals who came there for a shootout. nothing could be further from the truth. The only people that came to TP ready to kill was Waco PD and friends..


​none of it needed to happen. the truth of it is, they wanted it to happen and in the process killed the innocent...