Earlier in June, we learned that Bowie, Texas’ big Bowie was officially crowned the World’s Largest Bowie Knife by the Guinness Book of World Records. The news carried a hint of irony because it is still illegal to carry a Bowie knife in Texas. But this and other restrictions will disappear on September 1st, 2017, following Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s signing of Knife Rights‘ Texas Knife Law Reform Bill

“It’s always been ironic that you couldn’t carry a Bowie in Texas,” says Doug Ritter, Chairman and Executive Director of Knife Rights. With the passing of the new law, the doors are open on what Texans can put in their pocket or on their belt. “There are no more illegal knives in Texas,” says Ritter. The only remaining exception in the new statute is that you can’t bring knives with a blade length over 5.5″ into restricted areas such as schools, hospitals, churches, and bars that make 51% or more of their income from alcohol sales. “Texas is getting closer to being the Texas that everyone thinks it is,” Ritter says.

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Looking at the pic above how many of those knives were actually on a person or in a locked vehicle? On Sept. 1st they are all legal outside of the venues listed. We think weapons of all kinds found in vehicles should reduce their false count down even further. 


Since the beginning knives have been an important tool for motorcyclist. From cutting wires, making a gasket from nothing, to fishing out a nut from a hard to get at place. You surely don't want to break down on a back road at night in Texas with zero protection.   It's common sense. 

Law enforcement investigators have stooped to new lows. Motorcycle boots are not weapons, they are protection for your feet when riding. We can tell footwear that will remain on your foot during a crash is extremely important. A boot fits that bill.

Vest Extension are not brass knuckles as law enforcement suggests. We experimented with this theory and they would be a poor weapon against anyone. Riders can wear up to 4 on a vest. They merely allow room for a coat in the winter or air in the summer.


Waco PD tried to fool the whole country by announcing the count of 1000 weapons. Then the AP started asking questions about their numbers. Once again they were caught in a lie as they kept reducing the numbers to 350. Even that number is a lie.