An article posted by One Nation Under Arrest in All For 1 caught our eye. We've heard of this guy Hundley before but didn't realize he's so close to the metroplex. We think there is much more to the story than what's in this article when it comes to the girl friend, but that's a guess that this is personal for him. 


Exposing Corrupt Law is more important than ever.


Let us point this out one more time. As members of the Region 2 COCI we were never forced to pay a dime. "NEVER"!  Nobody is out chasing people down for not being a member. But, the law will tell you that again and again because of liars within their ranks. Hello Chip! We've heard his story before.


There is a reason law enforcement bad apples jump from one job to the other and it's not good in our book. Maybe they were made? Not by criminals but their own departments? Gotta move on buddy before we turn into Seagoville.

The venom he spews toward Bandidos Is part of the vilification process, from the FBI on down to LE in Podunk Texas. They will all say the exact same thing, it's a frickin script. This script is being repeated by LE and DA's across the State Of Texas. It's called jury tainting or public vilification if you choose. 

Look at Hundley's own words: 


In the history of outlaw motorcycle gangs (what gangs chip) in the United States,” said Richard Hundley, a Mexia police detective who has investigated biker gangs for 17 years (if that's true he hasn't accomplished much other than framing a few people). “This is war he says (no it's a proven waste of time, manpower and tax payers dollars).


Note:  Wars instigated by guys like Hundley.

Hundley continues:


Because of biker gangs’ history of relatively "low-level violence", Texas authorities in recent years have placed them on the “back burner” and focused more on border security and cartels, Hundley said. “It takes a lot of resources if you’re really going to investigate these guys — financially, wiretaps, undercover,” he said.

It's guys like him trying to stay relevant and keep the funds and man power away from where it should be. That's Border security and protecting the homeland from the next terrorist, cartels destroying a whole generation of American citizens.


​Unlike Black Lives Matters there's not one motorcycle Club or Biker yelling for the assassination of police officers. Not even the dreaded and vilified Bandidos, "not one" that we've heard of. Anything like that would come from the fake news media that listens to guys like Hundley, the DPS and of course the FBI. 


Don't believe it, watch Live PD where they follow LE live. Cops dealing with one drunk and drug addict after the other. It's a fricking epidemic. Our Nation has bigger problems than so called OMG's. There's no show on TV that makes our case like this one does.  


It's damned sure not the Bandidos, Hells Angels, Outlaws, Cossacks or any other 1% Club out there that's reaking havoc across the Nation. Over the past 2 yrs they've tried to vilify everybody on two wheels or wearing colors.


Mr. Hundley we suggest you go the FBI data base and find out the truth of it all. Any crimes Bikers are involved in 1% or not, pale in comparison to crimes committed by law enforcement, this includes murder.  


But you already know that don't you?


In closing Twinn Peaks happened because of a so called gang unit wanted to be relevant, recruited multiple agencies to participate in an ambush, instead of opting for a show of force that could have prevented the taking of 9 lives, wounding 20, arresting the innocent, vilifying every Club and Biker in America.


Deffective Detective
Defective Detective

When public officials like Hundley suggest the killing of a certain group is okay it reflects badly on them and the departments they serve in. It fans the flames of hate and violence. You would think a law officer would know better. Then again we see it over and over don't we. Like so many Hundley's enemy is you, the American public. The Bandidos gives him a stage to be relevant in his eyes. 


We suggest every defense lawyer remember the name.