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Texas Biker Radio New Years Day 2020 Podcast

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New Years Eve's here already? 2020 Seems like it really came fast after a year of rallies, protests, never ending Motorcycle profiling and trials. 2019 was a year of learning. From videos provided by Bikers of profiling stops and trials gave new insight that helped us understand. There's a government campaign of harassment against Bikers and MC Members that's escalated and is beyond it's intended scope. It's a campaign designed to deny our Constitutional Rights whether it be by a law officer on the side of the road or in the courtrooms across Texas and the Nation. We see the DPS and a clueless Governor as one of the major factors in this unconstitutional campaign against Motorcyclist.


There is a perfect example of the collusion between the judge, DA and law enforcement that's been going on in Courthouse of Milam County Texas. It's collusion meant to deny Patrick not only his constitutional Rights but the ability to defend himself before his peers in the jury. The judge has declared a mistrial when it was found CCP 46.15 actually shows that the criminal code used to stop, arrest and charge Patrick with criminal carry. CCP 46.02 is not applicable as Patrick was a Licensed CHL holder. Judge has asked for a ruling from an appeals court in Austin. We'll be ready when the courts rules or tosses it back to the Judge in 2020.


2020 brings a new air of excitement and opportunity, let the campaigns begin. We may not have boat loads of money but what we do have is votes. We've had the opportunity to swing elections before, ask Abel Reyna of Waco who's no longer DA. With the right strategy we can do it again in multiple races Statewide. Starting in January we'll start searching and listing politicians who could use our help. Politicians that have an open mind and will listen to our concerns.  Texas Defenders will have a meeting toward the end of January 2020 to explain our concerns so that everyone is on the same page. It's a year long campaign that leads up to the next Texas Legislative session.


Profiling videos are still needed for 2020 please make very effort if you are stopped and profiled by LE to get video and pass them on to us or request that we file per the freedom of information act for body cam videos. We do have a really long memory and we are not finished with Killeen, Belton or Elpaso who has denied us body cam video that we have a right to. It now goes to our Lawyer 2020...


A combination of new strategies and old for 2020. We had favorable news reports from our rallies in Milam County 2019. Fort Worth and Parker Counties was a good start for the DFW area. For those reasons we will continue to use them to our advantage and educate on multiple fronts.


2020 has a lot of promise, Constitution is on our side as we work to protect it and expose those who would deny us our rights.


2020 for those of us who ride the Iron Horse may you have a happy and safe New Years Eve, see you in 2020...