Hello Joe!!!!!! The DOE is back at it again, a few years ago you pointed of they had 15,000 vehicles and 15,000 employees. You did nothing.


Department of Energy officials spent $21 million in one year hosting 329 government employee conferences that included such lavish events as a casino night, a Super Bowl party and a banquet on a dinner cruise boat.

The department also used tax dollars to fund a golf tournament, a dinner at the NASCAR Hall of Fame and a tour and dinner at an aquarium, according to an Energy Department inspector general report. Sixteen of the 329 conferences each cost $100,000 or more, with the remaining 313 all costing $20,000 or more each.

The conferences were held between April 2013 and September 2014.
The inspector general warned Energy Department officials against the possible “negative public perceptions” that could arise from including such events in reports of its conference spending.

One-third of the conferences reviewed in the $20,000 category and all 16 of those in the $100,000 category were riddled with “accounting, documentation and justification issues,” the inspector general found.

A major problem arose when agency officials repeatedly declined to host their events in federal facilities and instead opted to rent space in swanky hotels.

For example, a Washington, D.C., event cost the Energy Department $15,000 just to rent meeting space and more than $60,000 overall. Agency officials said they eschewed the meeting rooms at Energy’s headquarters in favor of the pricey venue because the federal space was “not conducive to an efficient flow of conversation.”

Some conference spending reports were missing basic information, such as where the event was held or what was discussed, and several included only travel costs.

Agency officials argued the questioned social events had been entered into

the system incorrectly and should have been identified as ones the agency only co-sponsored.
The Office of Management and Budget issued stricter conference reporting rules in 2012 after the firestorm of criticism that followed the General Service Administration’s infamous 2010 Las Vegas conference scandal.

Since then, a number of agencies have faced scrutiny for the way they handled conference spending.

Internal Revenue Service staff were hauled before Congress after the agency’s inspector general revealed excessive gift-giving and mismanagement at a single $4 million event.
The Departments of Defense and Health and Human Services were both called out by their respective inspectors general in recent months

This agency is clearly out of control, as a tax payer I demand top executives be fired and their budget reduced by 40% or eliminated all together.

Joe Do Something other than dream about light bulbs or get out!!!


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