It's been talked about Elon Musk working to expose the corruption between big tech and the government. When you expose the corruption they run like cock roaches when the lights are turned on. Just because they run doesn't mean they're gone or give up.



Today, political roaches have just begun attacking free speech and Elon. Their minnion roaches within big tech, big media and corrupt government works in ca-hoots. Working to destroy anyone that gets in the way. Canceling is the name of the game. Silence is used to protect their narrative and the crooks within.


Shining the light on corrupt government is something we know all about. It works when you fight and prepare for the long haul using every tool available. That includes the Constitution.


Big tech and big media will tell you the Constitution is not absolute. Any true American will tell you that's bull shit. God gives us those rights, not the government or any other entity working on its behalf, like Facebook, Youtube and the mainstream media.


For almost a decade Texas Biker Radio News has worked to expose corrupt government and courts in Texas. Many times using the Constitution to expose the violations of Bikers Rights.


Twinn Peaks Waco is a prime example, where government collusion between law enforcement, prosecutors and the courts. Pushed a narrative to convict the innocent.


We called it the "good ole boy network". I still exist today in Texas.

With the Constitution in our back pockets we went to work holding rallies in front of the McLennon County Courthouse. Knowing they could not stop us we began poking holes in the lies told about bikers that were there for a political meeting. There was more than enough evidence that the Waco police encouraged the confrontation that cost 9 lives.


We knew truth was on our side..


The truth is they colluded to try and send 154 innocent people to prison for what was up to 45  years without an investigation and without due process. To this day there has not been a real police investigation of sorts. 


With the help of other Biker Clubs, Independents, 2nd Amendments Activists and concerned citizens we held 7 rallies over 4 years. Each time shining the light on the corruption and a prosecutor named Able Reyna who was running for reelection. He was trying to use his corrupt attempt at the courthouse to win another term.


We, Sons Of Liberty Riders MC with the help of local Clubs like Los Pirados MC and others went to work diligently to make sure he was done and never hold office again. How? Exposing the corruption that went on in that courthouse. The people had enough of the mess caused by Able Reyna, Waco PD, DPS and a crooked court  full of corrupt Judges...


We've since held rallies in front of other corrupt courts, corrupt media and corrupt political parties who try to intimidate people based on their political beliefs to the point of threatening their lives.


So we say to Elon "Expose Them to Hell" and we'll help.. 


Example Of Our Rallies


There are other groups that work on behalf of Biker Rights Texas Defenders, TXCOCI, Motorcycle Profiling Project, ABATE, Motorcycle Rights Foundation and GOA