No Brainer
Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

The progressive media who gets marching orders from the DNC and the White House has gone nuts trying to convince us Hillary Clinton is the most logical choice to lead this country for the next 4 to 8 years. Today their battle ground is who paid the least taxes using legal loop holes there for all of us to use not just the rich. Those loop holes were put there by our government. While the media targets Trump for using legal tax laws, they forget to mention others who have used the same laws to pay zero taxes, Hillary Clinton, NY Times, General Motors, United Continental, American Airlines, Hewitt Packard, E*TRADE, Loews, Xerox, News Corp, First Solar, Weyerhaeuser, Google, there are many many more, we picked a few you would recognize. Nobody really gives a damned we've seen this before, we’ve been hearing simplified tax codes for the last 50 years. Like everything in government change is always a promise that never comes.

Hillary is out! It’s a "no brainer" for many reasons, but let’s point out the obvious ones.


#1. Supreme Court Justices, she could nominate 3 to 4 aging (3 are above 77) Justices within her 1st term, those nominees would be progressives that would make law, not interpret law per the Constitution. Their first acts would be to rewrite or do away with the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Enough said it's a nightmare for those of us who believe the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. 

#2. Jobs, her plans are for more of the same. In the 1st debate she gave us a clear view when she mentioned solar energy as an example. We’ve already been down that road it was called crony capitalism that enriched friends and family members of the progressives and it cost tax payers a smooth 150 Billion for that failure, do we really want to see more scandals with zero accountability like that? Make note everyone walked. Please remember Hillary wants to put American energy out of business. No pipeline - no clean coal.


In the first decade of this century, America lost 56,190 factories, 15 a day.

She has no plans to bring manufacturing back into this country, matter of fact she was for the Trans Pacific Partnership before she was against it. Do you trust her? The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a pro-corporate trade deal — the largest in history — negotiated in secret by countries and hundreds of "advisers" from some of the world’s most powerful corporations while Congress and the public has been shut out. TPP like NAFTA is another disaster for what’s left of manufacturing in our country. Hillary’s vision is more government, more broken promises. We need a roaring economy to come out of our 20 trillion-dollar debt. Her plan more of the same.

#3. Taxes, for decades we’ve been hearing Hillary and other progressives yelling tax the rich as if that’s the magic formula to fund the Nation, knowing full well you can take all the money from every millionaire / billionaire it would run this county for about 120 days. What then? Because I’m old enough to remember back when Bill Clinton was in office the rich threshold was anyone making more than $33,000.. Hillary’s plan is for more taxes and not just on the rich. Her plan? A “trillion dollars” in new taxes, including a dramatic hike in estate taxes. Government has no right to rob your children of their inheritance, but Hillary and progressives sees no problem with it.

#4. Immigration, Hillary plans are to dramatically increase immigration especially from the mid-east, the Clinton Global Initiative is actually recruiting Corporate and business executives to hire Syrian refugees who cannot be vetted.  Actually working to hire non-citizens in front of desperate American citizens looking for meaningful work. Her plan is to continue the fundamental change of America by flooding the country with immigrants with no visible means of support other than government. Her plan is to fast-track citizenship to people who will vote themselves benefits promised by the government. Her plan is to keep progressives in power permanently or until the collapse that will surely come.  All one has to do is look at Europe to see our future under a Hillary administration.


#5. Corruption at the highest level would continue Under Hillary Clinton, while secretary of state she sold access to her office to contributors of the Clinton foundation, raking in hundreds of millions for fake speaking fees. The Clinton Foundation along with many others are nothing more than a money laundering schemes. She personally is responsible for setting the Mideast on fire, the deaths of Americans in Benghazi, the failure to send help even if it was late, the creation of ISIS who now terrorizes the world. She now wants to bring them into this country through the immigration process which cannot vet immigrants from the Mideast or any other place in the world where record keeping is poor or nonexistent. 

That’s just 5 reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton, enough for me already, I’ve seen and had enough of it.

Using this No Brainer Method of eliminating the most corrupt Presidential Candidate ever means I can now relax on that choice, I don’t have to watch any more debates full of Hillary lies and cackles, I don’t have to see that shit eating grin, I don’t have to watch a debate that includes a progressive moderator that’s obviously forwarded the questions to Hillary.

I can now relax and ride my motorcycle to the polls on November 8th and vote to keep a corrupt Hillary away from the Presidency and in favor of a businessman that at the very least loves and respects Our Country, Our Military and the American citizens who pays  for it all with their money, their blood and lives.





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