Over the years We've looked at our court systems and those who float in and out because of drug addictions or career criminals. Then you get people that are caught up in circumstances like the 170 in Waco.


In our view the modern day courts are a make work program for lawyers and judges. The system itself can be pretty lucrative for some. The confiscation business is at an all time high.


Now that Corporate jails are in the mix the potential for wrong doing and money under the table high. Would this be called public private partnership for the corporation to make money they need people in jail?


We found out yesterday 47% of the population can't afford $400. if an emergency situation crops up without borrowing. We think this helps explain why folks can't bond out. People that can't afford a lawyer are in serious trouble..


States, such as Texas, do not utilize a Public Defender to provide legal services for the criminally accused unable to afford a lawyer.  Instead, private lawyers are appointed by the Courts and ultimately earn a much lower fee, whether on a hourly basis or at a pre-determined amount for a specific service. For example, a guilty plea may earn the Court-Appointed Lawyer a small fee no matter the gravity of the case or the duration of the lawyer’s work.


​Does a court appointed lawyer work for you? In Texas the counties have applications where lawyers can apply to get on as a private court appointed lawyer. This would mean they are actually seeking the work. Our only worry is this a treadmill where they seek to get each case over with as fast as possible and on to the next one.


There are poeple out there  who are spending money they can't afford trying to help loved ones regardless of their crime. Many are in a revolving door of drug addiction.


Some are just caught up in circumstance they weren't involved in. 


Many say in spite of all the problems it's the best system in the world. After seeing the actions of the police and the judicial system in Waco is it?