It’s been suggested we put a Rally together for New Years Day. We already know the mission and we don’t care that it’s a busy day in Waco, so we digress to the next thing. That would be naming the Rally? We are leaning toward the Freedom Rally since the powers that be are trying to regulate who comes to McLennan County, it may be the first time ever that a group of people have been denied to enter a county that has falsely arrested them and put them under stiff bond requirements like gag orders, non association orders and travel orders that deny access in the county that accuses them.

There are those of us who will travel to McLennan County with no ID, we will choose the names of the innocent accused of the most horrific of crimes. If anyone has a problem with that let them figure it out. 


The bills are piling up in McLennan County that says they can dip into the rainy day fund we're sure no one had any idea it would be used because of an overzealous DA? Who took over the Twinn Peaks investigation from experienced investigators. 2 1/2 years and they looked unprepared to go to trial, 2 1/2 years of hide evidence from the defense, 2 1/2 years of mostly fiction..


​It's now time for us to ratchet it up with a plea for the innocent and at the same time an end to corruption from OPO's in Waco and across the Nation...


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