Here's Popeye's assessment on the 2017 DPS Texas Gang Assessment when it comes to motorcycle clubs.


Bullshit Is The Word That Comes To Mind


Just like the last assessment they listed the Bandidos as a tier 2 MC gang with nothing to back it up but old innuendo and Club members who made poor choices in behavior over the past year or two. Like Law Enforcement itself, large organizations have bad apples. At Least we hear Leadership asking Motorcycle Clubs to get rid of bad actors, not so much when it come to the law. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house. Popeye feels comfortable hurling a few, read on!


In their long list of examples LE Strategies & Limited Success should be the title - field operations is quite telling. The only MC mentioned was La Familia MC, the report failed to go into detail about them.


Nothing like the special attention the Bandidos and support Clubs got in this so called assessment. This report was nothing new, It very easily could have been cut and pasted from the last report, there was very little change when it came to MC's.



No mention of Twinn Peaks, we're sure they are not proud of that FU.


Lazy Work Is What We Call This Report!

But here's the kicker for us. Threats against Law Enforcement. Lets lay it on the line. This assessment mentioned threats made by morons on social media. The report went on to mention the Texas Police officers gunned down by supporters of the BLM. They should be listed in the Tier 1 threat assessment, but lets not go after anyone that's a real threat like the progressive democrats who encouraged BLM followers to murder. Their followers did just that. They have millions waiting for criminal asset forfeitures. We're just sayin..


None of it came from Bikers. From day 1 we've always said we want no harm for our police officers. Even the one's that vilify to this day and took part in the Twinn Peaks massacre. We pray justice comes our way. Most but not all LE has a crappy job dealing with the drug epidemic we see in this country. It seems to be a never ending merry-go- round, much of it fueled by Outlaw Public Officials, not Bikers. 


I really feel sorry for our Governor, "he was no clue" about Motorcycle Clubs or gangs in general. He depends on Bullshit reports like this DPS gang assessment. Hopefully he has the sense to figure out old news when it come to bikers. but we doubt it. 


​When your in the know this report backs up what we've been saying since the first days after Twinn Peaks. In the overall picture of gang style activities there is very little involvement if any by Motorcycle Clubs including the Bandidos, La Familia and any other MC. This report had not one mention of any motorcycle Club involved in human & sex trafficking although it's mentioned through the media constantly.




When you turn the tables and look back at the DPS and Law Enforcement in general. They are involved in more crimes, more questionable shootings than all Motorcycle Clubs combined each year.


Of course we didn't see the Iron Order MC in this report did we. They have badges you see.


The FBI has the data to prove it although they don't care to make it public.  It doesn't fit the narrative they want you to believe.  


We can't speak for Gangs since we are not one!






​Popeye is a Political Activist / Constitutionalist / Citizen Journalist

President of Sons Of Liberty Riders MC

Who is not a support Club.