Progressive Are In Trouble:


Progressives and The Deep State at the top know it, they fear it and they will fight back as they are doing right now with a massive media blitz.


Reset #1:


On Texas Biker Radio Podcast #422 we told you of the 2016 reset which was electing Donald Trump as our President in 2016. A man who would put America First after decades of being sold out by the despots within our government, politicians and bureaucrats. Trump was truly independent conservative and could not be bought, he owed no one.


He was not part of the elites in Washington DC. They hated the thought he might interfere or put a halt to their schemes we are just now beginning to understand. 4 years of hell was brought upon Trump and the American people, endless investigations of Russia collusion, Ukraine, impeachment based on lies, innuendo by politicians and the FBI at the highest levels and below. All the while politicians continued to enrich themselves by selling themselves to the highest bidders for access...  "The Biden Family" as an example..


Who did that 2016 reset?


 "We The People Did That", despite of all the polls, lies, innuendos and money from foreign governments to none other than people like Hillary Clinton (clinton foundation). The swamp thought they had it wrapped up, that's what the polls told them. They lost and was it poetic and the swamp has not gotten over it in 4 years?   


Reset #2 Is Coming: 


First item in Reset 2 is to make sure the vote on Nov 3rd 2020 is on the up & up. That must be fixed now before we can declare the next President or move one step forward.


Right now there is enough evidence to show that the election as a whole was compromised by Democrats, thousands of democrats attempting an election night "coup d' etat" . Track them down now. "Demand it".


Time for people to be held accountable for their actions no matter who they are.


Just who has that kind of power? It's "We The People", in spite of all the politicians on the left, the deep state, backed up by major corporations, the mainstream media, big tech and foreign governments, We The People still out number them when it comes to voting in a fair election.


The 2020 Nov 3rd has exposed the democrats have been stealing elections for at least a decade within their own party, Bernie Sanders was a victim of progressive voter fraud. Of course he was bought off twice with a nice payday to go away. 


It's in our view this must be fixed before we go one step forward. Whether it be by State Legislators or the Courts. The Constitution paves the way for such a disaster like this. Fixing the system now is a priority along with weeding out the deep state even if we need to fire them all....


Stay tuned we are looking for thousands of Patriots to join the 2nd reset... We must hit the ground running and now..