We have political organizations working for us everyday, organizations such as US Defenders, COCI's, COIR, Motorcycle Profiling Project, ABATE, Motorcycle Riders Foundation, AMA and some we've probably left out.


Some walk the Halls of Congress, Some walk the Halls of the State House, Some visit the Local Offices of Both. There are thousands of people working for "All" Motorcyclist (100%) all across the country..


Protecting us from rules, regulations and laws that infringe on our freedoms, State & Federal. Together they make a formidable force, it's important we support them, join their ranks and recruit others into the fold.


​Bikers do not need outside fringe groups telling us whats wrong with the country, we recognize the system is corrupt. Politicians are working overtime to save their own skins and it's not working. The people are awake. 


The point is lets work within our own system, the last thing we need is anarchist explaining what the fix might be. Beware of posting their materials on our sites. Especially when our credibility is on the rise with the public at large.


Think Not? 


The majority of jurors believed Jake Carrizal over the DA elected by the voters of McLennan County. Even the media around the State of Texas was reporting that Bikers have more credibility than the DA's office and Waco PD. 


Stay The Course


STC, even when you think it's not working on some fronts, have faith, be bold, take part in some way. Most of all be informed but not by people or groups that supports anarchy, destruction of capitalism or the murder of police officers. Keep in mind we have the eyes of our opponents on us at all times they never quit looking for something to discredit us with so don't hand it to them...