Its fitting that the arm of Lady Justice was still missing when we went in to Waco on Sunday afternoon to mail the letters from Wave 4 in Austin. We were just hrs from a planning meeting for Wave "5" where we heard stories from Waco citizens who live in fear of the Law in Waco & McClennan County. No citizen biker or not should ever fear those who are sworn to protect us.


Much of what we heard was about young people, especially young women. This is what we had already suspected, the catch & hold system is nothing more than a scheme to fill jails & pockets of certain individuals.


​When there is collusion between all the powers we get the corruption we are seeing today throughout this country. 


No one could make this any clearer. The primary purpose of the Founding Fathers was to prevent someone from grabbing all the power. When that happens, they knew, the result is arbitrary, confiscatory, government, the kind Thomas Jefferson described in the Declaration of Independence. We would call it totalitarian.

Madison explains: “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.” Federalist No. 48, February 1, 1788.

To prevent that from happening, they divided the power. First, they divided the federal power into three parts: the executive, the legislative and the judicial. They would bicker among themselves, so that no one of them could seize all the power the Constitution grants to the federal government. What happens when they walk in lock step?


The Founders divided the power even more. They set the limited power the Constitution grants the “general authority,” Madison’s term for the federal government, against the vast residual powers of the states.

Each sphere of government, state and federal, would be supreme in its own sphere. Neither could control the other. Each protects itself from intervention by the other. Each has its own laws and rules. What happens when they walk in lock step?


What does all this mean today in the Battle for America? It proves that the sheriff is the highest governmental authority in his county. Within that jurisdiction – inside his county – the sheriff has more power than the governor of his state. Indeed, the sheriff has more power in his county than the President of the United States. In his county, he can overrule the President and kick his people out. Remember, the President has few and limited powers.

Federal Stooges and local PD's Should Understand The Power Of Sheriffs: The Sheriff should take control and warn local PD's / Federal Agents They are in charge and Will Be Arrested If They Interfere!

What? The sheriff can do that? He’s not just a character in a movie? That’s right. Not only can the sheriff do that; sheriffs have already done that, more than once, but not in Waco.


Sheriff McNamara at least told the truth. "it's just the way it is in Waco" 


When a Sheriff doesn't step in and use common sense it's a disaster every time, usually the innocent die or wrongly incarcerated. Nobody knows the county best, otherwise you get what we've seen in Waco again and again.


There's no question there should be a movie "government gone wild" with Swanton in the lead role and the feds hiding behind him. We pray in the future our Sheriffs have the wisdom to step in when things are about to go wrong, insanely wrong!


I Will Always Telll The Truth


From what we've been told he is not fit to hold any office, in particular a Sheriffs office. Everyone agreed he has no morale compass. He is not what he has portrayed himself as in the community.


This is the Reason All For 1 Rides Back to Six Shooter Junction November 15th