​As Double D has so eloquently pointed out the public battle rages on. Soon we have the 3rd Strike (Aug. 22nd) which is a Memorial Service for those killed, wounded and harmed at the hands of Waco PD. They now use every opportunity they get to slander and vilify Bikers. It is our belief they are trying to taint the jury pool in McClennan County. You cannot let them get away with this unchecked. Show up! Info here.


​It is our duty to point out the good and great things Bikers do. Not only in Texas but Nationally. MC, RC, Independents. Put your colors on and get out there and into the public in a big way. Let the media know when your doing a charity event. If the media doesn't cooperate, remember we are our own media use social network and venues like All For 1 & Texas Biker Radio we do have the capabilities to produce some pretty good video. 


For example each year Sons Of Liberty Riders RC has the Lets Roll 911 Memorial Ride. The ride is in Honor of the 8 children who died on 9-11. They are rarely mentioned if ever. We have people tell us they didn't realize children died that day. We create 8 Biker Bears that are donated to the Grapevine FD. Those Bears become part of the equipment on their ambulances and they are given to children in distress. Understand GFD gets stuff animals all year long, but our Bears has a special place and meaning in the hearts of the firemen.


​Now to the point, on Sunday we decided to go public in a big way. We took our small band of riders to the Mall unannounced just to see what kind of reaction there might be. We are not an MC but the public doesn't know the difference, they see men and women in leather wearing patches and tattoos. We stopped in the middle of the mall for a group photo. We proceeded on to the Build-A-Bear Workshop who was expecting us since they have produced our bears for the last 3 yrs.


Well, take a look for your self in this video of our trip to the mall and yes the Mall Cop eventually showed up....lol


2015Lets Roll 911 Memorial Ride from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


Every Wed. At Texas Biker Radio you can call in to announce your club or groups event, watch for air times at All For 1 or Sons of Liberty Riders RC FB..


​Our next unannounced ride will be to a Church service to pray along with their congregation.  We'll keep you posted on how that turns out..


Lets' Roll