People who live in glass houses should not throw bricks.  Especially politicians who forget that they too maybe guilty of what they accuse others of doing. Progressive democrats and former President Barack Hussein Obama should be careful what they wish for. Lies and arrogance will catch up to you.


There is a 8 year track record of meetings between progressive democrats with Russian officials. Many followed by sweetheart deals, special appointments, gift sharing, kickbacks through progress organizations such is that Clinton foundation / Clinton global initiative.


President trump is a breath of fresh air. Progressive democrats are worried they will be exposed for the liars and thieves they are. The higher up the ladder the worse the corruption is. 

Remember when Barack Hussein Obama told and Russia official that he could do more when he wins his second term election.  Just what did he mean?  Did he mean that he would lift the sanctions against Iran so Russia could continue to provide arms, technology and go back to business as usual?  Did it mean that he would do nothing as Russia invaded Crimea?  Did it mean he would sit idly by as Russia bombed Syria?


Progressive democrats and got some really dirty hands.  How did Vice-President Biden's  son Hunter become an oil executive for the Ukraine's?  Just what gave him the inside track for that job since he did not speak the language?  Thank you daddy!


After watching this despicable that display of gotcha governing.  Maybe it's time we broadened the scope and find out who is selling our country out.  Who has been selling the taxpayers out.

 It has been brought to light that the Obama justice department has been funneling Billions of dollars to left wing groups.  It is now time to drain the swamp, follow the money, fire, impeach, indict, imprison politicians, bureaucrats, who have schemed to steal from the American people.


We are asking President Trump and the Justice Dept for an accounting of all government agencies.  We want an accounting of all monies spent and who benefited illegally.  An accounting of relatives of all politicians, who received money, who receive special treatment, who received jobs.


We have covered just a fraction of what we consider corruption by our politicians.  The time to act is now!


Lets Rumble,