Today Governor Abbott Announced we now have the "Occupancy Police" Police or should we say Gestapo? Retail businesses can now open maintaining a 25% Occupancy. It wasn't clear who's going to enforce this? As Bikers we know what happens when a rogue Officer, DA, Court or Judge is drunk with power. Your Constitutional Rights go out the window, it doesn't matter that your business is on its last leg, you can't pay your bills or your children may starve when the funds run dry.


What they announced today was guidelines for reopening Texas, guidelines not law passed by our State Legislature. As we heard we are not required to wear masks, that's probably a good thing?  #1) its unenforceable, #2) I made a trip to Eastland TX today and I saw very little in the way of compliance. We saw some social distancing in fast food restaurants. Convenience stores, travel / truck centers out of control. Especially around drink fountains that we call covid19 stations (see video below).


We're not sure about using home depot as an example of ingenuity. One size fits all really doesn't worry since Home Depots buildings are huge. 25% occupancy rate for them is a very large number. The bigger retails and businesses win again under this plan. 


Who didn't know Governor Abbott and team would exclude Salons, Barber Shops and Bars from opening? From what we saw this week while visiting Salon A la Mode and then traveling to a Buc-Ees in Denton TX. Shelly Luther's Salon was doing a better job of protecting her staff and customers than the big guys. Like many other business owners should she's pushing back to save her business and livelihood. Watch the video below and compare. Remember, like other travel centers they have thousands of customers everyday, along with other travel centers, Walmarts, Targets and so on.


Bars- If owned a bar I would start serving food like burgers, many nowadays have patios. if you don't have one use Texas know how. I now own a restaurant like Chilli's, if they open we bet you can get a drink.  


Tomorrow there will be an Open Texas Protest  4/27/20 11am  in front of the Dallas County Commissioners Courthouse Daley Plaza (The Grassy Knoll). We will be there to have Shelly Luthers back.   


Attention Buc Ees Cup Lid Despencer
Attention Buc Ees Cup Lid Despencer