Climate Change, please realize that One Volcano spews more fluorocarbons in one day than man has created in its history. We can sign all the treaties we want but we can do "nothing" about countries that will not ever comply.


Beware the Climate change hoax which is nothing more than a ploy to get into our pockets books, American pocket books! Yes we are the big targets and I'm not talking the super rich that are in on the scam. Can you say the ever polluting Al gore jetting over your head?


Its false science a-go-go with our children the main targets.


For millenniums its the constant drum beat from educators teaching false science and creating a false panic that their planet is going to die. Our children will turn over the keys to a world wide government if left unchecked. Even the non profit NFL and Salvation Army has been in on the scam. This video by Butch Moss is of elementary age children in Dallas taking a environmental oath just before the super bowl and the blizzard that followed. 


Teach your Children well, undo the damage that's been done... For they will pay and pay and pay....


In Honor of Earth Day scams everywhere, here's my Oath


I promise to turn on every light in and outside the house, BBQ outside, run my diesel rv that gets 8 mpg, drive the Yukon 14 mpg, drive the Mazda 19 mpg, drive the gas guzzling 57 Chevy, ride my motorcycle like a bat out of hell, eat beans, fart and breath....