Note the expenses attributed to security for the Twinn Peaks trials is not the fault of the innocent Bikers that went to Twinn Peaks for a political meeting of the COCI, who have been meeting with no problems for 2 decades. The Bikers are simply trying to defend themselves in a system designed to convict the innocent along with the guilty.


It's the jury with the power to interfere with corruption at the courthouse.  


Security costs at the Courthouse lands in the lap of one fool trying to make history, become a legend in his own mind, Abel Reyna. The cost of it all and the impossible task of convincing 155 jury's that every man and woman at Twinn Peaks was guilty of a criminal conspiracy is beyond common sense. The majority of Bikers have no criminal records, never been in trouble with the law. Non of the mattered to Abel Reyna. He stole and mishandled the investigation.


Job #1 was stealing their Constitutional Rights, their property, their jobs, homes, ability to take care of their families to this day, not saving money for the county. Excuse us for laughing at complaints of cost, talk to Able, Sgt Swanton & the Sheriff who have over hyped the threat in hopes of swaying the jury pool. There never was a threat to the citizens of Waco/ Mclennan County, the courthouse or anyone else by Bikers. Not then not now!


We feel the fight in the parking lot could have been avoided with a common sense strategy. #1 You inform all sides of your concerns including event organizers with a warning, which was not done. #2 Be seen marked cars in the parking lot, not hiding on the peripheral edges. We thought we were going to let them fight it out says one LE witness. It hasn't come out yet but we feel the Waco PD played a big part in fanning the flames that developed into a parking lot fight, which became a shooting gallery which included police officers with high powered rifles.. 


Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs shootings (God Bless "em) is a far cry from Twinn Peaks where Law Enforcement suspected trouble and did nothing but let it happen, like we said we suspect they participated and made it worse. Whats going on is not erring on the side of caution, it's a show and has been since Abel Reyna took control! Designed to put fear into the hearts and minds of the people of McLennan County nothing more.


The safest place for a citizen is with a group of Bikers who will defend you and your children from those that might do you harm.



Just maybe the jury should be more worried about No Round In The Chamber assistant DA Jarret? We're just sayin...


We are proud Freedom Loving Americans and we are not Gangs.