A bureaucrat is a member of a bureaucracy and can compose the administration of any organization of any size, although the term usually connotes someone within an institution of government.


It was report this week that bureaucrats were plotting ways to undermine the Trump admins agenda of putting America and Americans first. The talk of encrypted emails were banted about with the left winged fake media. Of course unidentified sources.


It's in our view these people are part of the overall scheme put in place to fundamentally change / undermine America and Americans into a socialistic society from within. When you talk to one of these anarchist it's not real clear they have a clue of what their agenda is but subverting government through chaos.


Progressive bureaucrats are as dangerous to our form of government, our Constitution as the anarchist we see roaming the college campuses today attacking Free Speech.


Bureaucrats think they are protected by federal laws, at least for now.


There are ways to find and weed these people within government out in all federal agencies.


#1. Hold Department heads accountable for the actions of federal employees

#2. A robust infiltration program to identify obstructionist / subverts

#3. A Hot Line with cash rewards for turning in subverts

#4. Reduce the size of corrupt government agencies substantially

#5 Create Legislation that allows federal employees to be fired for subverting our form of government in any fashion.


For now what do you do with these people when you find them? First you identify and then box them in by taking away any powers they might have to subvert.


In France where a government employee can not be fired for life no matter what they do has been a problem for years. Whats happened in France is, they have offices filled with do nothings that refuse to work or create substandard work. Offices with tens of thousands doing nothing but getting paid...


If we can't fire these subverts within our government we can surely transfer them to a new division within with a catchy acronym. Inside this new division they get a desk and a typewriter, no phone, computers or outside communications. They are there 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Much like the bad teachers that are housed in New York City.


It's in our view this would be a cost savings for the American people who pays the salaries of government bureaucrats who's grown fat and arrogant off of our backs..


Every Bit As Bad As Anarchist On The Streets .