Allen PD / Prospect Profiled & Jailed

Yes we did say Profiling Alert Allen Texas. March 7th 2020 six short days before the city declared a shutdown and COVID19 pandemic was in the early stages. That didn't stop a stupid virus that infiltrated a rank and file member of Allen PD.


A MC Prospect was tailed for better than a mile by Officer Koehrsen, the officer was running stop signs and so on. The Prospect was followed all the way into his drive way.


Let the "investigation begin" with the usual line of questioning which included a bullshit story out of Utah that had nothing to do with his Club. It sounded to us like an innuendo that lacked any facts or truth. We know they lie, a lot.


The exchange clearly shows Officer Koehrsen new less than the Prospect when it came to MC's and who's who. 


We find it interesting that the Prospect was ticketed and taken to jail over a turn signal into his driveway. Shades of Parker County where we rallied over Bikers being taken to jail for minor traffic violations. It boils down to nothing more than "harassment" in an area that's had it own problems with crimes. None of it related to MC's.


His court date was canceled by the City. Maybe someone with common since saw the charges were Bullshit and going to court at this time is not advisable. Sounds like the Officer lacked training. We could give them some pointers, but no!  We have a plan for this. Thank you Allen PD, we need the video. We'll certainly keep an eye on Allen PD in case the stupid virus spreads among the rank and file members of the whole department.  We may have to call the CDC.


Note: We don't care what Club or Independent receives this kind of harassment. It's not right!



Motorcycle's Are Great Therapy


Whether it's COVID 19 overload or cabin fever from being cooped up for days on end, gettin out on the open road by yourself or with a few friends. Fresh air, sunshine  and the roar of the engine takes you to another place with no worries or disease.


Such is the case last Sunday when many Bikers hit the road for a ride just to get out and away for a while. Its a good thing that can be done with social distances required by the State. So get out and ride even if just to pick up something simple.


Ride Safe!


Don't Forget Thursday Night 8pm cst Corona Happy Hour On Youtube - Texas Biker Radio News Channel .... Popeye has ventured out to see for himself..



Lets Not Be New Yorkers
Lets Not Be New Yorkers

Save Texas From A COVID 19 Disaster 


There are just too many folks not following Social Distance Protocol. Lets save Texas from going through the mess we see in other States. Act as if everyone is a potential carrier of the disease. You are not immune! Life is too short without being stupid. We have riding to do.


Dallas is having to close parks, jogging trails. Fort Worth is now taking down basketball rims in parks, schools to protect people from themselves. Lets make sure our hospitals are not over run with COVID19 victims.


Protect our Motorcycling Community so we can help others soon.



A Hearty Thanks To Our Doctors, Healthcare Workers,1st Responders, Farmers, Truckers, Supply Line Workers, Manufacturing Workers, Manufacturers and restaurant employees who are unable to work.


Pray for the families who have lost loved ones to COVID 19.. 




Beware Reporters Fake News And Misinformation