On November 3rd we have a chance once again to make history by re-electing a non politician again. Donald J Trump, to thwart establishment politicians of all stripes (republican or democrat).


Especially the ones that have enriched themselves and family members  off the American peoples backs. Influence peddling, contracts, kickbacks, giving away tax dollars to the highest bidders, lining their pockets through foundations and other crooked schemes using family members and friends.



The Biden family is but one example of many. Biden Inc. We find it odd when politicians leave they do so with book deals, speaking engagements one after the other. Who actually buys, pays, donates may be a good question to ask? Biden's, Clinton's, Obama's, not to mention a host of senators and congressman like Pelosi's, Feinstein's and Maxine Water's who's six million dollar home is not in her district. 


The only way the working men and women who pay the bills of this country have of fighting back against this well organized group of political thugs is, "organizing ourselves". It's never too late for The Red Wave.


Their mind numb minions will lie, cheat, do anything, say anything to win. 


It starts now the "Red Wave", rallies, car parades, motorcycle parades, boat parades, social media blitzes and more right up too November 3rd.


We organize and expose those who support them and their transgressions decades old.


Join Us  - Organize At  The Red Wave