First Responder
First Responder
Who Are The First Responders? It's certainly not the police or emergency crews who would be second or third at best? James Shaw Jr is a true first responder in the case of the Waffle House shooting in Tennessee. He was on the scene by circumstance, just looking for something to eat after a night on the town.


When the shit went down James Shaw Jr did not run and hide in a closet, behind a desk, barricade himself in a room (then refuse to let anyone in) or wait for backup. Instead he took action to stop the killer at the opportune time. He saved lives!

Then the law showed up along with medical teams.


It's obvious to everyone except lunatics on the left that we must take responsibility for or own security. Whether going to the Waffle House, a political meeting in Waco, walking down the street or school campuses. It's also obvious that our law enforcement has shown even when potential killers / terrorists comes on to their radar screens "incompetence" is the order of the day. How many times do we have to see that play out?

Lets speak truth, the law did not find Waffle House Shooter Travis Reinking. A  "citizen's tip" lead them to the suspect. Who was captured while walking through the woods. He had a pistol and a flashlight.


It's time for Constitutional carry. It's our responsibility to protect ourselves, our families or friends when danger comes a knocking. As one Law Enforcement talking head said on TV today. "There is no way to stop this", whether it be a gun, a knife, a bomb, an automobile or truck, evil will find a way to kill. 


Load Up!