Sunday 06/04/17


It's hard to figure out why anyone in the UK would be shocked by another terror attack. There are bigger questions to ask.


British Police advise citizens to "Run Hide Tell". It's something we heard from colleges in the states. Mains Stream News Media gives police high marks for being on the scene quickly, but not before 10 minutes of unanswered terror. Throats cut, mowed down by a large van.


What do you do when an unarmed society is lead to slaughter by their own politically correct government? What do you do when your neighbors have turned into sheep and are willing to accept the slaughter? The New Normal. What do you do when your country refuses to secure it's borders from those who come to kill and take over?



In Britain they hold candle light vigils, pray and toss PC slogans at one another. "Love" cannot fix what's wrong in Europe & The UK. 


It's incredible they refuse to hold their government accountable for the state they find themselves in. It's time for a American style Revolution not only at the ballot box but in the streets. It's clear the agencies that are supposed to protect them are overwhelmed and not up to the job, a reactionary force that escorts ambulances and nothing more at this point.


The people in the UK had better stop and rethink what's happening to their country. Evil has been invited in to kill and destroy their culture "unchecked".


Arm yourselves with whatever weapon you might have. The Police cannot protect you when terror comes to your door or your sidewalks.


​British Police or Authorities seem to be sterilizing terrorism the news. It took hours for pictures of the crime scene's, finally news of three terrorist killed.


It's incredible that 10 weeks after the first Westminster bridge / sidewalk attack authorities fail to put up barriers over bridges where tourist and people gather .  


Is this a new politically correct  tactic to give cover to muslims. 


​Sky News reporter calls terrorist Evil Genius, Sky News reports Police are so reluctant to kill terrorist they will now need counseling. 


TBR Update 06/06/17:


There is an answer to terrorism in the UK, it's called "deportation" of people who fail to assimilate, of those who teach or indoctrinate, of those who have terrorist ties, of those that travel to terrorist held territories, of those who failed to report terrorism, family members of terrorist. 


The UK has deported only "12" people over the past 10 years. 


Next cut the purse strings, meaning welfare, it cannot be an endless drain on tax payers.


Ban Islam, shut down Mosque's, shut down public prayers and demonstrations. Until we recognize this is not a religion but a form of government we all continue down the path of destruction.   


That's a starting point.