Under the Constitution given to us by the founders, you have the right to do "nothing". 


After all that is the path the whole country has been on for decades. Most Americans can't even tell you what a council of government is. There's 600 across the country. We've sat back and let the media and the leaders of the two parties deliver us our political candidates at all levels.


The corrupt government we see today is the results of our neglect and uneducated voting/voters. Our politicians have built themselves empires, immune from the laws, regulations and tyranny we live under. From the white house all the way down to city hall and yes to the court house. We have the best most corrupt politicians money can buy, just ask the Saudis.


​We've stated that the odds of the American public being hurts by a biker in any fashion are minuet compared to the Samalis that homeland security are smuggling into the country. The chances of a terrorist attack increases with each bus load.


After all it was our government who let the Boston bombers through the open doors known as legal immigration (another farce). They've actually got half the country believing that bringing uneducated people with no means of support or allegiance to this country is a good thing.


​It has been said corporate lobbyist have corrupted our politicians with lavish gifts and money, it's really the other way around the politicians make sure the money keeps flowing in unscrupulous ways. Like, earmarks which continues to be wasted tax dollars. Now names are not attached to the earmarks. Most politicians have had many years to hone their craft of deceit and theft.


We tell you all this to set the tone.


Waco TX, clearly there is a malfunction in this city and it's judicial system . The whole Nation should be horrified, even if you hate motorcycles or motorcyclist. The thought that you can be locked up and held captive for just being there, even if you weren't involved in anyway. You can be branded a gang member, a criminal, even though you've never been in trouble with the law. Guilt by association, that alone should land a lot of people in prison all across the nation. Does that mean all Italians are members of the mob? Are all Muslims terrorists?


Separating the truth from fiction can be quite hard for the public, especially when lies are spewed on and on for weeks by the media. The other side can't speak for themselves, they have no press conferences. So the field day of biker bashing continues.


 We knew in the first few minutes truth was being buried by those in charge. Whoever that might be? Law enforcement had a good idea of who shot who. 


A picture was being painted, "Bikers Bad".....


​The Biker community has been slandered and it's working for now, we seek truth wherever it may lead.


Mel Robins is right. You have "The Right To Do Nothing"


As for us, we are going to use the wonderful gift given to us  be the founding fathers..


The Right To Assemble In Peaceful Protest and Seek Redress...


"Lets Roll"    


Sunday June 7th Arlington Texas, 2925 E. Division St. Staging begins 9:AM ....