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9:59 am 6/30/2019:


Who the hell do they think they are? The County press are suckers and lazy reporters.This article shows us how ignorant the law is in the City Of Ferris. Certainly they have not read the 2018 Texas Gang Assessment Report to find out who's who? If they read it closely without bias they'd be scratching their heads when it comes to OMG's. 


We'll (TBR) also make sure the bar owner knows he can seek damages to his business. The police chief is making threats using the TABC as back up. The TABC cannot tell a bar or restaurant owner what their customers might wear. It's interesting if the TABC used an ignorant Police Chief like Salazar to send a message. Does Chiefy deliver the message himself? Of course not he sends a "dick". Detective Sergeant Walter Weiss on June 6th. 


This is public vilification of Clubs who have not been "CONVICTED" of being a criminal organization. There's only one and they are in the appeal process. Chiefy can figure that one out for himself. Here's a clue, not the Bandidos, not the Forsaken Horsemen, Not La Familia or any other MC in this Nation.


Cheify Salazar has slandered at least 3 MC's in this news paper article with lies and innuendos to set a narrative were there is no, zero, nadda, evidence that any sort of criminal activity has taken place at the Ferris Bar & Grill.


When it comes to MC's databases are worthless bunches of information collected by a hodgepodge of different law enforcement organizations throughout the State. A waste of time, money and resources as drugs ravage our Nation, crime is on the rise and it's not MC's and they know it. .  


Motorcycle Clubs Are Not Street Gangs. 


Just to educate Chiefy Salazar on Twin Peaks. 100's of innocent Bikers were arrested on May 17th 2015. At least 174 were held hostage for 4 yrs by a crooked lying DA. There were "Zero" convictions. The Law instigated what went down that day without question. Yet Twin Peaks is used as an example for threats by the law wherever they can get away with it. While in fact multiple Law Enforcement agencies across the country have openly stated that what transpired at Twin Peaks was an embarrassment to Law Enforcement in general.  We are here to see the truth comes out. 


Now we must add Ferris to the list of places we must visit, a rally for sure. But, for today it's Parker County..


More to come...