Its all-out war the Citizens vs Elite Politicians, the Oligarchy is trying to protect their turf. Its corruption to the highest order and it’s been in plain sight the last 7 years. Zero accountability for anything they do at any level. Hillary is the perfect example. They have had their way long enough. If your local politicians are not screaming against party elites they are part of the problem send them packing asap. If they are over 3 terms send them packing, demand term limits. 

We can’t believe anything the main stream media says for they are part of the Oligarchy. The Oligarchy doesn’t fear Donald Trump they are all working to destroy him using a massive campaign that includes elite republicans. 

The media is in an all out campaign of physiological warfare designed to make you give up and accept the unacceptable. 


Who they fear is us.


The people who actually believe in the Constitution, work and pay the bills corrupt politicians create. They will keep spending until there is no more to spend.

Fear that we will recognize the debates are fixed, the polls are fixed and the vote is fixed. Fear we will take away the empires they’ve created for themselves while the citizens struggle to keep heads above water. 7 in 10 Americans have less than $1000. In the bank, while politicians and their staffs live the good life and are full of themselves.

Fear we will recognize they have sold the country out through lucrative trade deals the benefits them, corporations and foreign interests. They have literally destroyed Americas manufacturing base. Over 56,000 manufactures have moved off shore.


Fear we will know government reports are full of lies designed to mislead and are false.


The only way “we the people” can win is to overwhelm the crooked system with a landslide vote by the people.

November 8th Hillary and every corrupt politician like her is on trial


Hillary has escaped prosecution because of our crooked government has provided cover. She is on trial and we are the jury. Do we elect another corrupt politician as our leader? Or do we fight back against the one world government elites like Hillary?

Our demise is in front of us, you don’t have to look hard to see it.

Party elites fear us


Respect,  MM