Our government has spent Billions of dollars on a vast digital spying network that monitors every phone call, every text message, every video you post and more. Thats more bits of information than the mind can comprehend. It's advertised as a counter terrorism network to keep us safe. Do you feel safe? Of course criminals or terrorist will and can adapt. They they too are suckers of social media and the internet. It can and does dumb people down to where they have a false sense of security. So far there have been few Einsteins among the one's we've seen and know of. 


you and I pay members of the NSA  sit in these darkened rooms and monitor information from all around the world. There's one thing we know for sure, it can and has been breached. Just who might they be tracking with these giant super computers? Real terrorists or the Average Citizen. Since they would be listening in on everybody it's not hard to figure it out. 


Do they categorize people according to what they might say? There's one thing for sure they're not out profiling people over the cloths they wear, tattoos on their body, what they might be driving, who they associate with. Why? You've heard of crap in crap out, right? Just think all the people out there talking crap saying stupid thingsThere's not enough field agents to handle the task at hand so someone with hate in their heart will slip through the system, its happened multiple times since  911.


It's common sense. 


What's does the Government do? Push the crap outside of terrorism on to local officials. How? ​Lets Fund Fusion Centers all across the country. We have money to just piss away.

So our federal tax dollars fall into the lap of Texas Governor Gregg Abbott  who needs no excuse to build more and more fusion centers all over the State. You see he has a "gang narrative" to push, real or not. he doesn't care. 


As tax payers built this "super duper" data center that spies on everybody, through every gadget known to man up in Utah, There would be little need to duplicate what we've already paid for. You would think! 


​That aint good enough for our wheel chair riding Governor Greg Abbott who claims we need up to 9 Confusion Centers all over the State of Texas. He doesn't mind violating your Constitutional Rights at all. 


Wait a damned minute! Wait a damned minute Gov. !


Let us say this again. We have one outfit in Utah that collects shit from all over the world, from every digital gadget known to man and we can't build just one here in Texas that would suffice in this modern age. We have cell phones more powerful than computers that took our men to the moon and back. We need 9 "really"! How stupid do we have to be? We smell the DPS at work. Thieves! And it's not just from our Motorcycle Safety Funds. 

We call it "ONE  & Done". Should we say, Gov "call Dell" who happens to be close by the Capital. Roll on over.  We bet they could build a computer and a program that would do the job. These fusion centers are not collecting that much data, at the rate they are going our studio computer would do the job.


Lets expand the system to include a new catagory, crimes of what we call "Outlaw Public Officials" Texas. That would be Law Enforcement Officers and elected public officials. The real numbers of law enforcement officers for various crimes are unknown since they are not required since many law enforcement agencies do not report to each other. What's fair for us is fair for them. 

Motorcyclist have been their victims over the years with many people into rogue Fusion Centers, Bikers that had no history of being involved in criminal activities of any kind. Motorcycle Clubs are not gangs.  Much of the data is collected by armatures as more and more videos will show. Unlawful, Unconstitutional, Un-American for a fact. 


 It's more of the same, crap in crap out. Collected by biased individuals who stand to profit in some way. Maybe the fact they would duplicate where duplication is not needed, nothing more than make work programs for LE. It's a self feeding machine with absolutely zero oversight. The Texas Rangers aren't it. 


As we know they will lie, cheat, steal, say anything to justify their existence. Even when they are caught red handed, they push the narrative and vilify the innocent.