The Middle Finger That Is



FU Trump - Shooting The Finger Can Land You In The News 


It's no secret people shoot the middle finger a lot when photographed. Why? it would be guess work on our part. So lets just say it's fun or you may think it's funny. No harm no foul, just don't be surprised in this day and age that it might end up on the internet. Of course the internet community has the ability to pass your funny on for all to see via social media.


More sinister is the data gathering by law enforcement and the ability of unscrupulous DA's like Abel Reyna, who would use a pic like that to sway public opinion on someone or group, maybe even a jury, huh? 


The Main Stream Media Would Never


My God, Reyna used one of Popeye's videos in a political ad. He wasn't even shootin the finger, but we digress.


Our Club is guilty to of this act also. We've made efforts to clean our group pictures up of this mortal sin that is a 1st Amendment Right, It's called Freedom of Expression. Yep, you can even toss the bird at a cop, just remember they are not Constitutional Scholars and it might land your butt in jail or court.


Then you have to fight your way out of that trouble for your right to express yourself. Sometimes others just don't get the fun in popping the bird. 



To The Point 


There are people out there that consider it not so funny, would see it as a rude and an insult. We could care less if your on your on sites flipping the Bird, Shootin The finger or anything else.


Our Mission is not finger monitors. 


We have 25 Bikers still l facing trial in Waco under Abel Reyna's rule or so they say. There is no way we post a derogatory pic of any of these Bikers until it's done.