Despite all the malicious Bulletins that are now coming out of Law Enforcement and fake news, Bikers are getting it done this Christmas Season. There is a particular interest in the Coats For Kids Drives that does more and goes above and beyond. Read on as the R&G Black Lands Chapter Los Vagabundos MC tells us about their event. Remember we asked all MC's to tell us about their events as they dig into their own pockets to make it happen. 


Los Vagabundos MC, It was a good day last Saturday, we had folks grabbing coats while we were still getting set up, lol. We spent the day there in mineral wells giving coats to whoever needed them, from kids to adults. We gave all the kids raffle tickets and at 3 we drew out tickets for a girls and a boys bicycle.

After we finished up there we went to Weatherford Healthcare to give out more coats and some blankets.

We ended up sending our prospect into town to buy a specific coat for one lady there and to pick up more blankets because we were short.

There was one elderly man that we didn't have a coat in his size so one of the Red and Gold members literally gave the man the coat off his back. He had to ride home in the cold but even he said it was worth it. Before the night was over we were laughing and had fellowship with all the residents. We even were helping them back to their rooms before we left.

We will be taking more coats to the Pithian Home and by the time we do that we will be looking at a total number given to the community right around 400.

I truly love being able to help in our community, myself and my brothers put a tremendous amount of time and effort into this and what's best is actually getting to see where it goes to. Unlike the bigger charities where you just give and never see the results, ours is hands on and we get to see the results 1st hand.