Jane Carter was ready to give testimony until Judge Shaver cut her short and quashed the testimony of DA Reyna's Staff. Who in the hell is he protecting? The Attorney General?  Abel Reyna's staff has been talking to the FBI who has been investigating charges that Abel Reyna gave favors to donors and the well connected. The there's this tape.. 


Jane Carter was going to reveal that there is a tape were Abel Reyna requested that the Attorney General Ken Paxton  deny evidence to the defense in Twinn Peaks trials. Our question is did the Attorney General Ken Paxton act on Abel Reyna's request to withhold evidence from any Bikers defense attorney? Evidence they deserved to have so they can defend their clients. It's amazing the Attorney General goes on to protect every crooked DA  on their word.


It's obvious that DA's across Texas use the CI / UC tactic to withhold evidence. Nobody cares about these guys they operate under pressure and are never a reliable source. 


What's worse is the lengths they go to to protect CI's that Waco PD Police Chief says they take with a grain of salt for the info is third hand at best and unreliable. He said that under oath. 


​Then we have this pesky thing called the Constitution that says you have the right to face your accusers. It does not say except CI's & UC's..


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