Update 8/13/17 8:am 


Here's what happened in VA. People protesting the removal of our Confederate Monuments they are part American History like it or not. Unite The Right Organizers got a permit to protest at 10:00am. Now, let's not forget they had to take it to top Va State District Court to get their 1st Amendment right acknowledged and permit from the City & State! 

Early Saturday morning Antifa members as well as BLM were being flown and bused in from around the country. (We all know who paid their way there).

At 8:45am Va. Governor & Charlottesville Mayor, who didn't want the Confederate Monument protesters there to begin with, sends  police in to cancel a protest that hadn't even started. They forced the protesters out in the streets to a waiting mob of Antifa-fa and BLM. The police were given orders to stand down and let the protesters be attacked.

This was a set up by the Virginia governor to take away protesters first amendment rights.  It doesn't matter what the protesters had to say. They had a right to say it. #FoxNews #Hannity


This News is still unfolding 1 dead 2 helo pilots crashed pronounced dead, 20-30 injured as car runs into another car and into a crowd. 20 year old driver of the car was arrested multiple charges are looming. Because he is white the calls for hate crimes and more will be brought on by the progressive left, never let a good tragedy go to waste.  George Soros couldn't have hoped for a better outcome than this. 


Fox News and other media outlets are questioning domestic terrorism. Why did they not ask these questions when the progressive left attacked Trump supporters and killed police officers around the Nation and Texas by BLM supporters? 


President Trump condemned all side for hate and racism which is the correct message in this matter. Of course no matter what he says progressives are ready to condemn him. 


​We must understand who these progressive left groups are, how they are funded and by who. Anyone who opposes them and their ideology / agenda will be met by brainwashed anarchist, communist, thugs, killers and the politicians that protect them. 


​The Va Governor has the right to ask trouble makers to go home. He does not have the right to ask peaceful protesters to do anything but keep it peaceful.


For the Constitution gives them the right to protest and seek redress for the actions of Government. 


All in all another big Law Enforcement "fail"....


Let's try and understand.


George Soros supported groups like the BLM, Antifa and other progressive hate groups have been fanning the flames for years now. Well funded and well organized they want white police officers dead, American history destroyed, whether it be books, movies, statues. 


The Opposing Side Unite the Right has been tagged White Supremacists by the media. We have no clue that tag is deserved or media created.  Many groups met up to show solidarity and peacefully protest against Whites racial and cultural ethnic cleansing that is being brought on by mass immigration and Globalism. Where does it stop? 




We're not trying to justify today's actions. We are trying to understand why this is happening when more than ever we need to come together, but the flames of hate is overpowering. 


Check Back later as we look for more answers and news ..


TBR NEWS UpDate 8/13/17 12:10AM:


Of the 3 dead two are police officers who crashed in helicopter.


Media & politicians fail to criticize progressive BLM protesters who are as violent as any group out there. 



When you understand American History that the progressive left wants to wipe out You understand what's going on.


Turba Regula


All the shields, homemade armor and clashes, woe!