Its incredible that young blacks are being taught not only to disrespect and run from police, some have taken it 10 steps further. They are now in full assassination mode and it doesn't matter if the cops are white or black, it's the badge.


The flames have been fanned by black leaders, politicians  and yes Barrack Obama. In these cities across America the root causes of it all are the politicians themselves.They must keep blacks in a permanent state of drug ridden poverty and on the government dole, these are their constituents.


Like ISIS The new black panther encourage young blacks to kill white people and police. They have no intentions of doing it themselves, they want a young fool to do it. They want chaos and a racial war. 


​The police in these communities are trying to maintains order in a world of disorder. Over decades of abuse by frustrated law enforce the police are now seen as the enemy in those neighborhoods. The federal goodies and the militarization of our police forces has taken it all to new levels. Some young misguided Blacks are fighting back with lethal force.


Texas Biker Radio News has one of the 1st media blogs to speak out. 


 Assassinating police officers is not the answer. First you must look at yourselves and then your community. Educate yourself and understand what the root problems are. Root out evil doers on all sides.


Elect men and women of good character. Unite as Americans. A political purge is needed at all levels of government. There should be no political or Presidential dynasty. Restore and obey the Constitution the supreme law of the land. 


ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – A police sergeant who was "ambushed" in the Central West End early Tuesday morning, according to Chief Sam Dotson, was released from the hospital several hours after he was shot.

The sergeant was in his full uniform and personal vehicle when he saw two individuals walking down the street. Chief Dotson said the sergeant did not bother the individuals but saw them walking in the area a short time later with a third person, he monitored them again and did not exit his vehicle.

Shortly after the individuals walked past a second time, the sergeant observed the suspect vehicle approach him with four people inside, including the three he saw walking in the area earlier. The suspect vehicle pulled directly in front of the sergeant’s vehicle and one of the passengers exited the front side, with a bandana over his face, and began firing shots at the sergeant, who was still inside his vehicle, Chief Dotson said.

After the suspect fired shots, the sergeant returned fire. The sergeant told authorities he believes one of the suspects may have been struck by his gunshots.

The suspect vehicle began leaving the scene and the suspect who fired the shots ran on foot. While in his vehicle, the sergeant followed the suspect that was running on foot but lost him after he entered a parking garage on York, Chief Dotson said.

“They targeted, they ambushed, they tried to assassinate a police officer,” Chief Dotson said.

After losing the suspect, the sergeant returned to the shooting scene where he tried, unsuccessfully, to locate the suspect vehicle.

According to St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson, the officer, who was shot one time in the torso, was wearing a bullet proof vest at the time of the shooting.

At the hospital with an officer who was shot by a suspect. His ballistic vest did its job tonight. We have a lot to be thankful for.

According to police, a man who claimed he was shot at the complex where the car was found showed up at a local hospital around 11:30 Tuesday morning. Police are looking at the circumstances between the man who was shot and the car but are not connecting the two yet.

The suspect is described as a man with some facial hair, a thin build and a medium complexion. Chief Dotson said he is between the ages of 18 and 22 and between 5-foot-7 and 5-foot-8.

Chief Dotson said there are a lot of cameras in the area and they are currently working to obtain the footage.

Several businesses, including Bissinger's Chocolates and AG St. Louis, had their windows broken due to bullets.

Anyone who was in the area at the time of the shooting and may have seen something is asked to contact police.