Since the very beginning BTR / All For 1 has sought nothing but the truth no matter where it lands.


The most recent round of DPS leaked video to the AP clears a few things up. Yes we said a few things, as bad as that video looks none of this lets the DPS and Sgt. Swanton off the hook for the lies and innuendos that keep coming.


What's been cleared up?


#1. Who caused the death of Viet Nam Veteran Jesse Rodriguez. We hope this gives his family some closure. We can't imagine the heartbreak.


#2. Every bit of this could have been avoided if the DPS would have taken aggressive action prior to the event. A simple show of force would have been a common sense tactic if they thought there would be trouble and the public was in danger.


#3. Law Enforcement and the Cossacks positioned themselves prior to the meeting. Law enforcement was hidden out of site and undercover. Cossacks took most of the tables in the patio area that was reserved by TCOCI. We think this may have caused confusion and forced everyone outside while they figure it out. We weren't there but we can imagine the tension when there was an overwhelming Cossack presence. We've since learned no Cossack had his foot run over although he did jump out of the way. The whole situation was a powder keg which law enforcement had a part in creating.  


#4. There is hours of video and audio that we have not seen. Although the shooting only lasted a minute or so.


#5. After contacting several attorneys we know and respect, Waco DA Reyna may actually get the outlandish charges to stick on one side if they cannot prove the law coerced them into being there.


#6. We still do not have complete ballistic reports. Is there something missing in all of this?


#6. The video shows a Cossack or two talking about forced dues without saying where he got that information from.


Things Not Clear: 


#1. Why did law enforcement not contact TCOCI leadership and lets them know of their concerns that they felt there would be trouble?


#2. What part did law enforcement play in creating addition tension between the two groups by undercover operators?


#3. What were the conversations with the Cossacks prior to the event about? Just what was said? Did the unidentified law Waco police commander who visited Cossack leadership at legends Cycles make them think they had law enforcement as a backup (see vehicle forfeitures)?


#4. What were the rules of engagement by law enforcement? Did hype interfere with common sense? Did they have all the facts other than podunk undercover police operatives looking at the internet?


Bikers are not stupid, we know some people are not innocent. There are some people that are in really deep shit over this tragedy and will go to jail for a long time.


This has effected the entire Biker Community whether you are a Club member or not.

Some how some way we must find a way to resolve our differences without public brawls and shootings. To do otherwise is to invite and play into the hands of rogue law enforcement. To do otherwise will bring us Queensland..




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Anonymous says...
" Those stupid stupid cossacksThe Bandido's would never of done something so obviously stupid. You don't get to be a club like the Bandidos, by being morons. You're absolutely right, differences need to be settled in a more civil Waze… And the Bandido's had already been trying to get the Cossacks to have enough brains to understand about how to get along. But they didn't want any of that… The real reason, that the cossacks showed up there in force, if there wasn't law en force meant involvement in making that decision, was to show that "they" couldn't come into Waco because Waco was the Cossacks town and place… That's what this all stems down to is a little tiny tiny brain fighting over a town named Waco that frankly the Bandidos have had active chapters in and out of Waco for 50 years. put it this way… The Bandido's have been handling business with other clubs, Big and small, in your town and mine, even on an international basis for decades, and never ever has it turned into a situation like this Because the Bandidos actually have learned from their past and know better!They've learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. They never would've done any of the stuff that happened in Waco. They're much too smart for that. Blame the cops if you want… But the real blame goes to the people who weren't invited, shouldn't of been there, lied to their own members,and came ready to start killing... a "club" that calls himself the Cossacks " (12/13/15)
Anonymous #2 says...
"I think that Anonymous covered that pretty well!" (12/13/15)
Anonymous #3 says...
"Anonymous 1 & 2, Agreed! " (12/13/15)