On our All For 1 page we have a flood of postings on OPO's  Outlaw Public Officials. It's something we've been yelling about since Twinn Peaks 2015 when we came up with the term OPO's.


Once again we are being proven right. While Bikers arrested by Abel Reyna are being proven innocent of any crimes. Police seem to be getting arrested, indicted, convicted at record pace. Then again maybe its not a record it's the norm since OPO's get special treatment that we don't. Many get off Scott free because of the system that protects them. 


I first learned of how bad it was digging into FBI files. Yes, they do keep track of these things. On top of that you read the transcripts of speeches and testimonies made by their leadership where they tell you how much progress they've made with arrests in the thousands.


I went back as far as 2010 when I read this testimony  from Kevin L. Perkins FBI Assistant Director . It gets worse form there.  


  FBI testimony Statement Before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Ad Hoc Subcommittee on State, Local, and Private Sector Preparedness and Integration

Washington, DC


Whether in the back of a squad car, at a border crossing, in a courtroom, or within the halls of Congress, our public officials must carry out their duties in a just and legal manner.


Through our vigilance, we have achieved some notable successes. In the past two years alone, our efforts have helped convict 1,600 federal, state, and local officials. We have another 3,200 public corruption cases pending, approximately 2,500 of which involve corruption of public officials. But more remains to be done. Because the interests at stake are so important and the magnitude of the problem so great, we have deployed approximately 700 agents to fight corruption around the country.


That's only the ones the FBI caught and dealt with in some way.


So all these government agencies vilify the hell out the people that haven't the resources to fight back accusations made by rogue OPO's. Which includes Law Enforcement, Court Systems, Office Holders.  


These people are backed up by people behind the scenes corrupt as hell. Six Shooter Junction wreaks with these types as do cities across Texas. 


There is a scene in Sons Of Anarchy that actually runs true and counter to all the bullshit shown in that TV show. You know, the show the experts love to talk about as if it was 100% real and true.


Watch So True..


It's in our opinion the OPO's in Mclennan County should be held accountable, for failing to discharge the duties in a Lawful manner, violating the rights of 177 people and failing to uphold their Oaths of office. That's a start. This includes Abel Reyna, Judge PeePee and the rest of the conspirators or collusionists. .