On Monday Joe Biden is going to have his own shadow news conferences pertaining to the COVID19 Virus. In other words its arm chair quarterbacking with a fake news media in tow to give cover. We don't think this will sit well with the rest of the country.


Here is our problem with this. We have one President with the top Scientists and Medical Teams in the country trying solve the problems of a system that was never designed to handle a pandemic of this scale. We've been very lucky, many die from other types of viruses like the Flu each year.

The coffins are stacking up in Italy that has a single payer health system. A country that failed to see the warning signs and ban travel. They are in dire straights approaching 5500 deaths as of 3/22/2020.  


Its a fact every country on the planet was not ready to handle COVID19. What's happening now is the flaws that were built in over decades has been exposed. Joe Biden had 36 years in the Senate and 8 as Vice President under Obama. We can't find that he or Bernie Sanders was raising Pandemic Flags and screaming for us to gear up, "EVER".. 


It does no good for anyone to be pointing fingers at each other much less a Presidential Candidate from the sidelines. State Health Agencies and Federal Government Agencies are trying to fix things on the fly. It didn't take the President long to figure out the system was out of date for this type of virus or a full scale Pandemic. They've made swift moves and cut red tape that's been plaguing this country for decades.

Who knew the public world wide was going to run out and scarf up N95 Respirator Masks, who knew China produced 90% of our pharmaceuticals, who knew China produced circuit boards for ventilators (would quite shipping them), who knew State Heath Agencies would be bidding against each other for supplies? Now is not the time to point fingers, now is the time for action and correcting mistakes and miscalculations made decades ago. Those that are taking political and financial opportunities at the expense of the people should not be forgotten. 

Since the Corona Virus popped it's ugly head we've not seen Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders do one thing to help. Not a PSA encouraging people obey the rules. Not one single word of encouragement.


The only thing worse is the fact after being in Public Office for decades they both have contributed to the problems we now see. We thank God we are not China, Italy, Iran and a host of others who ignored and made fun of The Presidents travel ban which has bought us some valuable time.


China had a head start on everybody since it started in China and they tried to cover it up. Our media is busy giving them cover, but for all their praises wonderful China has yet to produce a vaccine for the deadly virus they've spread across the globe.



A shadow Bitch session behind the President and the COVID19 task force aint it...



Popeye says...
"Shelter in place orders for Dallas & Tarrant Counties" (3/22/20)
Popeye says...
"Some Countries actually told their citizens to buy face masks which adds to the shortages. But they forgot to say a word about safety glasses to keep the virus out of their eyes." (3/22/20)