2 years now. Let's start at the beginning of how this came about in Waco. As listed in the court documents on



March 22, 2015 a Bandido was ran off the road and beaten by 6-7 Cossacks causing blunt force trauma to his head. Placing him in ICU for 5 days.

March 28, 2015 his friends came to see him and his family at the hospital. As having been seen by police and the police having known who it was that beat him quickly ran to a Cossacks place of business in fear of retaliation. But at this time no one knew who beat this guy or why accept that of the police. 

So that question here is why did the police fail to bring in the guilty party ? Arrest those who committed this assault on March 22nd.

The police was aware of this being a potential problem as Swanton indicted but blamed the Twin Peaks management.

For they pulled up the COC&I website prior and noted that a meeting was scheduled yet with the phone number listed to call and inform them of this being a potential problem or setting up at at Twin Peaks to protect and serve the people at the restaurant and those at Don Carlos including shoppers shopping that day.

They pulled out their AR-15'S and just started firing with no regard for public safety.
For a AR-15 bullet travels up to 2 miles and also can go right through multiple people.

For knowingly that what they had done the DA charged everyone with a crime that they didn't commit. As is continuing adding of additional false charges on innocent people.