Oct. 20 2017: 


Let’s take an overall look at the actions of Law Enforcement (LE) long before Twinn Peaks and where we find ourselves at today with bizarre behavior before the shootout and testimonies by LE. Backed up by a corrupt Judicial system that gives them every advantage the law can provide.. 


Lets not forget LE used a montage of pictures that included two fictional movies, "bizarre". 

Let’s all realize they are all in the Convincing Business. From the lowest cop on the beat, through countless LE agencies, corrupt DA’s and Judges with connections unthought of.

First, they must convince themselves of the narrative real or not, they create half-truths and innuendo. The narrative is backed up, from agency to agency, the Attorney General and Governor, complete with half-baked studies, cut & paste reports and seminars by so called experts. Again and again, year after year, decade after decade until the indoctrination is complete and seamless or so they think.  We’ll explain that later.

Motorcycle Clubs 1% are easy targets and easy to vilify, they are not cartels, real gangs or the mob. They are rarely mentioned in crimes other than a fight here and there and somebody gets hurt or killed, let things happen in in succession and throw in Twinn Peaks a County DA like Able Reyna takes a big chance by indicting 177 people for the same cookie cutter crimes.


He now must throw the Convincing Business into overdrive using every method every LE agency State & Federal. The local media who no longer does any real investigative reporting chimes inwillingly.  They too are in the Convincing Business, seeking judicial access.

What we are seeing in the court room today is the results of decades of Convincing aimed at you, me and the 12-people sitting in the McLennan County Court House that must decide on the fate of Jake Carrizal. The DA thinks he can convict with scant evidence because Jake Carrizal is or was a Bandido Officer, not for anything he personally might have done in a parking lot fight.

We are finding out the indoctrination is not so complete and seamless. In testimony LE officers are unsure or did not know things they should have. The DA continues to play a game of hide the evidence from the defense and Judge Johnson is desperate to find a way to help his former law partner (Able Reyna) Convince 12 men and women he's guilty by association and not for anything he did in a parking lot fight. 

Beware the Convincing Machine they are a for profit business. .


Soon the Narrative will shift with the finger pointed squarely at LE, The Judicial and those who colluded to attack what was supposed to be a COCI Meeting (protected by the 1st Amendment) that’s been nothing but peaceful for over two decades.


When truth comes to light the preponderance of evidence will show who is guilty and who is innocent of the crimes claimed by a rogue DA and a Convincing Machine with unlimited funds & time…