A recent guest columnist in the Waco-Tribune Bill Mahon said that all sides are to blame for the shootings and lockups. Mr Mahon is right on many fronts in this article but if we're all going to get mad at each other what does it solve?


You see Mr. Mahon I too am a Veteran, a sworn Defender of the Constitution. Many that were arrested May 17th 2015 were Veterans also. Very few walked away because of their veteran status or that they had never been in trouble with the law to this date. 


To your point of how dare we. My / Our Constitution says we have a right to peaceably assemble in Waco, McLennan County, anywhere in Texas and America. This Constitutional Unalienable Right is not dictated by the Waco PD or the Cossacks.


The COCI has been meeting peaceably for over two decades across America. This is not the place you come to negotiate a deal with the Bandidos. A COCI meeting is sacred ground or neutral territory if you wish. It's a place to discuss legislative issues, safety issues, Bikers rights, a place of brotherhood, Club announcements and even a place of prayer. The one thing we can assure you is no one will take a knee for the National Anthem. 


Regardless of who started the COCI it had a life of it's own, the group known as the US Defenders are dedicated to the Legislative process and seek sponsors every legislative session for Motorcycle Safety Bills they write themselves, it's more than a feel good thing, it's working to save lives. Feel good, so be it!


There are many glaring truths to Mr. Mahon's article, the innocent was arrested along with those accused of being guilty without a real investigation, due process, loss of jobs, ridiculous bonds, police ambush with automatic weapons in a shopping center, show of force by police, bad decisions by the DA.


The one glaring thing Mr. Mahon left out is why did the police not contact those that organized the event and let them know of their concerns. Instead they met with the Cossack's leadership, where the statement was made "we are ready". Did the Waco PD give the Cossack's a false sense of security like "we got your backs"? The Cossack's are in the drivers seat on that one.


​Note: The event organizers did call for help from a Constable they knew when they saw the situation, he told them they were busy, when in fact he was on the scene hiding with the rest of Law Enforcement. 


As this story ends, our community is not mad.


After 2 1/2 years we are still grief stricken that unnecessary deaths have occurred no matter who you might want to blame, Constitutional rights violated, the State of our Judicial systems (good ole boys), bizarre behavior of the DA, the behavior of Law Enforcement toward the citizens of this country. That behavior actually gave birth to groups like the BLM and Antifa who somehow are not listed as gangs hell bent on the deaths of police officers..


May we submit to you Bikers are not the problem in this country, no one should have fear in or outside of the MClennan County Courthouse, realized it's staged to influence the jury, lets pile on to the many lies and innuendos already out there by the Waco PD, DPS, FBI, DA, and Media...


​Mr. Mahons plea to let the innocent go will go unanswered because DA Able Reyna has neither the guts are wisdom to do so. He banks on a group of judges with connections to him and each other to have his back. Trying to orchestrate 155 convictions that include innocent bikers that had nothing to do with a fight in the parking lot. Like 99% of all DA's in America they will do and say anything for a conviction or plea regardless of innocents. 


Any person believes he or she is innocent should never take a plea deal regardless of consequences. EVER!