Once again Judge Strothers works in collusion with DA Able Reyna. Gerrymander trial order for the DA If it's not illegal it's certainly unethical. We've never seen so many Constitution Rights violated as we've seen in McLennan County.  


The Judge has actually denied or delayed trials for others who have sought an early trial date to prove their innocents. The majority of Bikers on trial have no criminal records and were not involved in the parking lot fight. In testimony police officer have said I saw him do nothing, yet they get indicted. Their Constitutional rights have been thrown out the window by dishonest men with robes, law degrees and badges working in lock step.


Able Reyna wants a Bandido first. In particular  Christopher Jacob Carrizal a Chapter President from Dallas. Why DA Able Reyna insist on trying to convict those who were witnesses at best can only be seen as lunacy. The only way this happens is a rigged system.