McLennan County Residents we thought there might be a few things you should know as a potential juror or interested observer of the courts. You might consider this your cheat sheet for the innocent.


#1. Does your elected officials believe in the Constitution & The Bill Of Rights or is it just in the way? Are they honest men & women who are as concerned about the innocent as they are the guilty? Are They adhering to the oath of office they took?


Did You Know? Waco PD visited the Cossack before Twinn Peaks, to let them know of their concerns, Cossacks Pres. said we are ready?

Did you know? Waco PD failed to contact TCOCI Members that secured the patio at Twinn Peaks to let them know of their concerns.


Did You Know? Waco PD was actually trying to sort out who was involved in the parking lot fight before Able Reyna took over the investigation and charged 177 people with a cookie cutter crime which means he read the minds of everyone there? The minds 0f those who had a reason to be at Twinn peaks and those that did not.


Did You Know? Judge Struthers is rigging trial order so that  Christopher Jacob Carrizal would be first put on trial at DA Able Reyna's request? Completely bypassing those that have requested a speedy trial per the Constitution, if it's not illegal it's certainly unethical to show that kind of bias in the early stages of trial. 
Did You Know? Attorney for Twin Peaks biker Christopher Jacob Carrizal said she will “object strenuously” if courthouse security measures during Carrizal’s trial feature a “display of force” similar to one in Fort Worth during the trial of a Bandido leader. You see they want you to believe you are in some kind of danger from a so called gang of Bikers. They would like you to convict for no other reason they have been identified as a gang. Nothing is further from the truth.


Did You Know? A missing shooter? One of two projectiles was determined to have been fired by a Waco police officer, but the second, which is similar in size and caliber, could not be traced to one of the three rifles police fired that day.


Did You Know? We've yet to see video of Law Enforcement Officers firing their weapons? They've yet to produce a video we know exists.


Did You Know? The Waco Tribune & other McLennan County media outlets regurgitates WPD & DA media releases 100% without a single question of truth?


Did You Know? The AP was the first media to question the 1000 weapons Sgt. Swanton said they found at Twinn Peaks? The numbers continue to dwindle as the truth comes out.


Did You Know? that DA Able Reyna & others have already perjured themselves on the witness stand? It looks as though they are not honest men. 

Did You Know? That Motorcycle Clubs are not gangs as described by Law Enforcement around the country and Texas, the DPS 2017 Gang Assessment Reports not a single Motorcycle Club has participated in sex slave trafficking, human trafficking and so on.


Matter of fact FBI data proves Law Enforcement themselves are guilty of more crime than all Motorcycle Clubs put together over the last 10 yrs.   We've actually run across sworn testimony of crimes committed by Law Enforcement or as we call the Outlaw Public Officials (OPO's) It's Fun when your right. We'll link soon.


Why is this important? It's to show the courts have gotten out of hand especially in six shooter junction. These at not the honest men & women they portray themselves as. Nepotism, cronyism in a good ole boy system that's run amuck, damned the Constitution it's whatever we and the DA say it is. God help you if you get caught up in that mess and let us know if you have?


  Did You Know? There are some guilty parties in the fight that broke out in the Twinn Peaks parking lot. Forget bravado on the cell phones, we're all brave there and the internet. We've heard some folks bought weapons on the way, that could be  premeditated if there is proof.


Did You Know? That Cossacks Came to Twinn Peaks early and in mass. Took up all the parking spaces and tables on the patio where the COCI Meeting was scheduled.


Did You Know? The Cossacks stood shoulder to shoulder as a small group of Bandidos Arrived?


Did You Know? Waco Police Chief testified that CI information is 2nd - 3rd hand info is unreliable?


Did You Know? It's not illegal to be a Bandido, Cossack, Hells Angel or any other MC 1% or not?


Did You Know? Abel Reyna is under investigation by the FBI for granting political favors to donors?


 Did You Know? Bandidos are members of the COCI?


Did You Know? Cossacks are not members of the COCI