Two experimental live broadcast revealed something we didn’t expect.  One video was set so we had more sunlight the other was set up to have the Mclennan county courthouse in the background.  Both videos were in a interview type format.  Both videos were unscripted, As we were making our points we noticed the tiny audience that had no clue who or we were or what we were doing all the sudden they were engaged in what we had to say.  As we were making our points we could see heads nodding in agreement.  This gives us great encouragement that the people were getting what we’re trying to say and point out.

It’s no secret  Mel Popeye Moss thinks we need our own Media Network.  Otherwise we are letting other media sources define who we are and set the narrative.  After years of experimenting, Podcast studios, computers, sound equipment, mixing boards, cameras, microphones, who would’ve thought we could do a live broadcast with a mobile phone. 


As Brietbart told me just months before he died, waving his cellphone around we’re all reporters now and it’s at powerful tool.

Our experiment was a success, some adjustments need to be made in the equipment and otherwise.  I can’t wait to come back with a new message and a bigger audience.