Let us point out there are Bikers that are guilty of crimes from the Twinn Peaks parking lot fight. But not anytime soon if Abel Reyna continues the path he's on. Jake Carrizal was defending himself from attack by a pack of Cossack's. His testimony was riveting to say the least. Jake Carrizal is now a hero among the R&G, Bikers and people who believe in the rights of self defense, have courage and stand your ground for family & friends. Abel Reyna didn't see that coming. 


Abel Reyna spent the better part of a month and a million dollars trying the Bandidos MC. Abel Reyna and assistant DA Mike Jarrett spent countless hours talking about patches, tattoos and slogans. This kinda stuff you can buy at any Bike Rally or leather shop that sells motorcycle leathers or gear. None of it makes you the  hardened criminal Abel Reyna wants you to believe.


"Tattoos", go to your nearest Mall or look around in the grocery line more women are sporting tattoos for sure. Just an observation.

​Abel Reyna also brought in 3 so called Biker Gang Experts that turned out to be experts in movie, youtube fantasy and over hyped Biker myth. Understand these guys are paid and have skin in the game with books, videos and seminars to sell.  The jury saw right through their act.


Then there was the testimony of Waco Police Chief Ryan Holt who takes information from CI's with a grain of salt for it is 2nd & 3rd hand info and unreliable.


Abel Reyna let assistant DA Mike Jarrett do much of the heavy lifting with very little evidence Jake Carrizal did anything but drive into a parking lot where Cossack's has taken up most of the spaces. They barely got off their Bikes before being attacked.


In Texas one has the right to defend themselves. Texans believe in the 2nd Amendment. Citizens of McLennan County aren't fools and the jury recognized the obvious with powerful testimony from the restaurant manager backed up by video.  He said the Cossack's got their early took up all the parking and tables on the patio reserved for the COCI meeting. They weren't ordering very much just hanging around. A small group of Bandidos came into the parking lot the Cossack's in mass left the patio area jumping the rails. The manager said they were standing shoulder to shoulder.


It was then he realized he needed to cal 911.


Words were exchanged and the outnumbered Bandidos were forced to defend themselves. That was basically the restaurant managers testimony. Looking at the video now it makes sense. 

 Just think a million bucks and Abel is still at square one, just 154 more to go. Now Abel is ready to double down with new information from the jury that just denied him victory that he thinks will propel him to the Attorney Generals office. He's a legend in his own mind.


It's in our view the only way Reyna can win is with help from the Judges,  a rigged jury. Make no doubt Judge Johnson gave Abel and crew every bit of help he could but the jury had none of it....


We've learned a lot from the Jake Carrizal trial. We now have answers to things hidden by Abel Reyna for 2 1/2 years. There's more to come as the trials move forward but if Abel going to keep trying Jake Carrizal it may take a while and a lot of money..