We've examined the corruption in McLennan County about every way there is. We've exposed enough corruption within the system to cause a major investigation of all law enforcement and the judicial system in Texas. We've seen perjury every step of the way starting with what should be a worthless affidavit of probable cause. Yet the system keeps providing cover.


Even worse was the testimony of law enforcement and so called experts. Weak, boring, inept, unprepared, liars most. In our opinion the DA's investigation and presentation was amateur work. He made police officers look like fools until Cassie Gotro and Bandido Jake Carrizal gave them credit for saving his life. 


It appears the allegations of an FBI investigation of Able Reyna is true. Just how long the judges can continue to hold off real lawyers is unknown, but do they really want to stake their reputation in this crooked little town the Sheriff calls six shooter junction? And just how long is the local media going to continue their part in the cover up of a corrupt DA and courthouse?  It shouldn't have been us to point out all the connections between Judges, Baylor U, City Officials, Waco PD, DPS and the Sheriffs Department.  


The cooperation between Judge Strother and the DA's office was so bad Cassie Gotro told Judge Strother to his face she didn't trust him because he lied, she said she felt like she was working against two DA's. Let's not forget the good ole boy Strothers gerrymandered the trial order so Abel Reyna could try Jake Carrizal first, which turned out to be a major blunder for McLennan County and the whole judicial system.



It's so bad they've all formed a circular firing squad


By reports they have a little less than a month to get their shit together. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the DA's office. Could they be talking to each other at all? There's one thing for sure they had better be trying someone actually guilty of something. Even that is questionable when the real lawyers finally break through the courthouse barriers, we call corrupt Judges.

There is one hurdle the Abel Reyna will never get past, no Texan will ever agree that you don't have a right to defend yourself. The citizens of McLennan County are overwhelmingly 2nd Amendment supporters, proceed at your own risk Abel..


We have to hope Abel Reyna is learning what it is to have the FBI at your doorstep in a never ending investigation, looking, probing to find the slightest thing using CI's and Under Covers. If he's innocent of the charges? He finds himself in the same predicament as 154 Bikers many who are innocent now facing trial.


Make your next move Abel we are ready..


Let's Rumble