If you didn't see or hear Trey Gowdy (R) Senator SC please take the time to do some due diligence and learn the facts.


What we see is a system that's corrupt as hell including the DOJ.


​But you don't have to go to DC to see the same behavior, look no further than our State Courts and Law Enforcement agencies. Senator Gowdy spoke about biased Lawyers and law officers (FBI) using their influence to try and keep President Trump out of office in 2016, they also used their influence in the Hilary email scandal to clear her from prosecution.


Of course I'm not going to mention a 2 billion dollar Clinton Foundation Trust Fund that disappeared shortly after Trump was elected. No wrong doing there, huh!


​But lets continue, there are different kinds of biases and us Bikers have had more than our share lately. It not only exists within the ranks of the FBI, The DOJ, but everywhere you can find a guy or gal in a robe or with a badge.   


​Motorcycle Profiling is brought on by biased opinions by The FBi and Other Federal Law enforcement agencies those opinions trickle down to State Law Enforcement Agencies and into the courts. Just our opinion after 3 years of research. 


We've given you sample after sample of the effects when biased opinions are used to try and discredit a group or individuals that ride motorcycles.


A recent effort by the McLenna County Sheriffs Department to put fear of Bikers in the minds county residents is a prime example of a misuse of biased power.  That effort was totally debunked by Texas Biker Radio and the Waco Tribune.  It was not a rekindling of hostilities between the Bandidos and Cossacks.  


​Before that another biased Badge appeared in White Settlement Texas. Mr Mann! A Tarrant County Sheriffs Deputy / City Councilman went into a rant over a group of Bikers who were receiving a Motorcycle Safety Proclamation  from the Mayor of White Settlement. In his biased mind he had profiled everyone in the room as gangs and members of the Bandidos. 100% wrong but that didn't stop him from his rant and resignation from his City Council seat. 


Got to be one of the dumbest deputy's on earth. But wait! It's worse than that. What brings on this mindset is his training. 100% biased opinions generated this data. Data collected over the pass 50 years or more. Regenerated, regurgitated over generations of law enforcement officers throughout the country.


Most of it out of date and short of facts. Completely ignoring social changes that have occurred over generations of Americans. It's the very reason for the lack of respect by certain segments of our society. Police tactics have gotten worse instead of better when dealing with the citizens no matter what catagory the fall under.    


But let us say this it is not Bikers..


We hope your getting our point or do we need to move on the Waco and Twinn Peaks where people are still feeling the effects of biased Law Enforcement and Courts in Texas. 


If your counting we have 2 Political victory's ("Swanton and Reyna")

and Abel Reyna has zero convictions.  


JOP Pete Peterson is now in the cross hairs. A former DPS Officer and yes man that used his biased opinion to violate the Constitutional rights of 177 Bikers.  


We submit to you our justice and political systems are broke. Too many years of reelecting the same people who have built themselves empires off of our backs. 


​Federal Agencies are out of control and power hungry and it filters down to a militarized police force who uses excessive force against the people. Spying, Data Collecting, Illegal Search & Seizures, you name it.  


Its in our view it all brought on by biased individuals within the Law and Political arena's.  We see it everyday and there is no accountability. 


Just as we saw in this latest Inspector General Report that said there was no wrong doing by the FBI's final conclusion on the Clinton email scandal.  


REALLY? And We Pay For This Shit!