The Biggest F**K Up Of All Time - Able Reyna has taking the law to new heights or is it new lows? He makes shit like Obamacare look like a brilliant plan. You could have a speedy trail before you couldn't in McClennan County. We've seen enough to understand McClennan County is one big screwed up judicial mess and it starts at the DA's office and continues through their court system who's full of butt buddies and what we consider nepotism. Could it be in their Baylor U DNA? (cover up - smear & kill the messenger - rig the jury)


We believe not only has he managed to throw away the Constitutional Rights of the innocent, he can't even get a trail off the ground to convict those who may actually be guilty of something. It went from a "parking lot fight" to a cluster f**k in short order because of bad Unconstitutional decisions. 


He's now waiting for information from the feds on charges not related to Twinn Peaks. Able's either incompetent or desperate to find anything he can to back up his claim "all" were guilty of conspiring in something, even if it's unrelated to the fight in the "parking lot". Of course lets not touch the fact that LE gunned down anyone moving in a surprise attack. Could it be that some of those people were actually fighting for their life? To save them we had to kill them, really?


Protect the public with a hail of high powered gunfire...


Just maybe if he concentrated on the fight that broke out in the parking lot he could move forward with something. Almost 2 years after and he needs more? He says he does, to show a pattern of great criminal activities by Bikers, especially Bandidos who've been accused of everything from jaywalking to sex trafficking. Step back and look at the big picture there hasn't been a whole lot of success in these efforts. Mostly hype and innuendo. 


We've yet to see a pod of 1% Clubs running up and down the highways of Texas with sex slaves on back of their motorcycles, we're just sayin? 


Cops Arretsed for Crimes
Cops Arretsed for Crimes

All Able has to do is go to the FBI's own data archives to figure out that Bikers involved in the Type crimes Sgt Patrick Swanton spewed (described) in the first week after Twinn Peaks are minuscule compared to people within law enforcement itself. The data proves LE itself participates in sex crimes, human trafficking, drug smuggling and gun running on a massive scale. It's the lure of big, quick, easy money, even within the LE ranks.


Can you say fast & furious/ We aint talking about cars.


Able Reyna should take another look at his fed buddies who's main goal is seeing how long they can stay on a case. It's a built in make work program for LE and Lawyers in the justice department who are nothing more than Federal Employees. It runs rampid through the bureaucratic maze we've let the government create.


Kangaroo Judge?

It's about the money with them Able! The don't give a rats ass about your parking lot fight trials. They're looking for big fish and you and your kangaroo judge buddies aint one!  Until they start looking at the corruption within your ranks.


"Ah", but we digress...


All Innocent Bikers who were at TP May 17th 2017 seek council now if you think your Civil Rights were violated by the actions of Able Reyna and company. Like, do it now!