Can't Phone Home:


We found out that Bikers who have had their cases dismissed by Abel Reyna are getting their stuff back. But not all is well and intact. Cell phones for instance are in pieces. Apparently the morons data mining the phones are not experts. Just maybe the sorry pricks thought it was funny? Like everything else they are never held accountable for their actions. Maybe we should seek legislation on the issue and have LE pay for damages? After all they have not been found guilty and most were wrongly charged. Of course there is always their Civil Suits that can help make things right...


Here Come Da Judges:


My God does the crazies never end? Judge Strother & Judge Johnson have called 50 Bikers and their Attorneys in for an information gathering Pow Wow. The recent election results has left them dazed & confused. Abel Reyna's nowhere to be found and the troops in the DA's office are abandoning their posts. Nobody's leading the charge with 128 cases pending.


Of course Popeye could clear it up pretty quick by releasing the innocent still being held hostage for almost 3 years now.


WT) “Judge Johnson and Strother conferred, we decided that because there has been no movement on any of these cases about anything, and given the fact that there is going to be a transition in administrations (Thank Us Very Much), we just want to try to understand where all the parties are in all of this,” Strother said. “We haven’t set anything for trial yet, but it has been so long since everybody has gotten together to discuss the issue about were we go from here, we just thought it was time to do that.

“We are not setting anything for trial yet. We may or may not do that after we have the status conference to kind of understand where everybody is coming from. But because of the transition issues and people leaving the (DA’s) office, Judge Johnson and I just need to find out what we can about what is going on.”


Let us ask Judge. Who in the Hell is WE??? Either the DA brings a case forward or not? Get the information from the DA's office. Bikers have been waiting patiently to defend themselves. The time to act is now because the voters have had it with all the corruption they see on a daily basis.. 


San Antonio "At War":


Seems as though the case in San Antonio is centered around the term at war and what tone was used to say the word. Maybe it's a term over used all over the country. The War On Drugs, War Against Crime, War Against Cancer, War Against Hunger, War Against ISIS, Football Slogans, Saying you are at war doesn't necessarily mean your at war, a shooting killing kind of war.


The FBI would have you believe there is some kind of Biker command and control over the rank and file members. A fact that's just not true. Sometimes trouble happens faster than it can be reeled in no matter what group you belong to.


Take note never mention the word war without clarify your meaning. That's certainly what we've been doing in Waco for 3 years (a political war). We're in a constant state of battle to defend the Constitution. Kick butt, hey! The FBI may be listening, oh no!..

Trafikk Review


The movie is really about human trafficking of sex slaves. Once you get past the loves scenes it's supposed to be based on a true story. We could not find a thing to back it up. The movie description says a Biker Gang were the evil. Never mentioning that the local leader of the ring was the County Sheriff, a lady. We searched for hours trying to find this true event and what Biker gang was involved.


We have to ask, were Bikers included in the script for effect?


Fiction with a bit of truth. That's the way we are viewing it until some one gives us proof this movie is truth 100%.