04/02/2019 Next Constitutional Test Ellis County.

Mission - Get Profiled / Get Video by legally riding into a hostile environment for Bikers per the comments of Ellis County Sheriff Chuck Edge.

We made no secret of our efforts to seek video containing the behavior of Law Enforcement Officers while detaining innocent Bikers for little of no reason. This is what we do. Just because the Governor issues an unconstitutional order doesn't mean police leadership must fall in line and many don't.


Maybe it would be called selective enforcement, they practice it everyday throughout the State with laws for them and laws for us.  


We've pointed out the crime spree that's going on throughout Texas. Especially here in the North Texas are where its turned into the OK corral almost every day & night. It's bad enough to realize the law can be nothing more than second responders, but add insult to injury by harassing the innocent over what they might be wearing or riding. A total waste of manpower and resources in a world gone mad over drugs and bashing each other.



Show us where a database has made a dent in the so called war on drugs. It's laughable.


It's amazing, Bikers are the only groups I know that are trying to reel it in by policing themselves. We seen it, we've heard it and it shows. Especially in the videos we've seen and collected. Bikers are taking it in stride and being cordial while being harassed by unwarranted stops, searches and in some cases seizures of lawful weapons.


For theses reasons we ride to the places that are known to be violators of our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms, Dallas, Fort Worth, Lake Dallas, Garland, Ellis County, Waco....


If We Don't Fight.... We Don't Win....If We Don't Win.....We Won't be Long To Exist..