Has Donald Trump has turned the political world upside down? 



The answer to that question would be "NO". The real culprits of it all would be


"We The People".


Thats right, We The People have seen and had enough of it all. The lies, the corruption, the collusions, the arrogance, the outright theft of our tax dollars and the total lack of accountability for anything. 


The two parties who are working together to stop Trumps march to the White House have no one to blame but themselves. For decades they've failed to listen to the people and it continues to this day.


14 years after 9/11 they've failed to secure our borders and make America safe. 14 years later and they've actually made things worse. 14 years later our soldiers who fought, died, wounded with their hands tied behind their backs only to find the politicians give it all back trying to contain the enemy. 14 years later we find ourselves losing another war where our politicians are afraid to define just who the enemy is.


Our politicians will get in bed with the enemy as they kill American citizens. Can you say Iran? Our politicians refuse to recognise that muslims are not coming here to assimilate, they are coming here to take over. The mosques popping up across the country are nothing more than a forward outpost for muslim infiltration.


Our politicians and their corporate buddies refuse to recognise this dream of one world order is a recipe for disaster. 


Whether you like it or not we are at war not with ISIS alone but Islam itself. It's a culture that is not compatible with American values, our Constitution and laws of this country. 


Our politicians lie, cheat and are willing to bankrupt the country with millions of illegal immigrants with no means of support.


We The People have the politicians and the media on the ropes. We the People are loving every minute of it. It's a good feeling to punch back, have the upper hand.


They are beside themselves as they pull every dirty trick they know. The more they throw at Trump the more support he wins.


Trump was right when he said "wait a minute" we got to stop and figure out what the hell we are doing" when it comes to muslim immigration? 


Not only did he set off a political firestorm but he won my support and the support of millions at the same time..


One other thing. To the people of the UK who are now trying to ban Donald Trump. Stay the hell out of it. We whipped your ass once, we'll do it again... 





These opinions are my own and not necessarily of BTR.