Anti Police - Anti Profiling = Anti 1st Amendment. That's where it's all headed when out of the blue certain law enforcement entities can throw you out of a hotel for exercising your 1st Amendment Rights to peaceably assemble and seek redress. Nowhere has anyone or any Club said anti police.


This is not about Anti Police, it's about our Constitutional Rights.


Las Vegas Casinos has a no Kutt policies so we are not talking identifiable hotel guests other than people that were there to attend a USARG Anti Profiling Conference, 177 rooms by contract. So The Tuscany Casino cancels their contract with USARG. Guests had already checked into the Hotel. Actions taken from a memo sent by the LV Metropolitan Police Department. Tuscany Security shows up with The LV Metropolitan Police in Tow and in Gestapo type fashion escorts everyone (many who were asleep in their rooms) to the streets leaving all their guests to scramble for shelter and no refunds. Women, Children, everybody. 


So the Anti Profiling attendees were victimized by being Profiled by a memo.


This is Queensland type shit and it should be a warning that our Constitutional Rights are slipping away. Las Vegas is fun if you like throwing money away. That's Sons Of Liberty Riders MC Co Founder / VP "OG" Robins who was a 21 dealer for years in Vegas. He doesn't gamble when he visits his children who still lives there. It's for suckers he says.


Surely there are better options for those us who ride and are Club Members? 

For those of who understand what's at stake here, the signs are clear. Organize and face tyranny by government head on. There is no justification for Tuscany's actions which were based on innuendos by memo and hyped false reports without Merritt. 

Motorcycle Profiling comes in many forms and as we see you don't have to be on a Bike.  


It's bad enough that Las Vegas and the State of Nevada are 100% in a paranoid state of mind. Everyone that goes there is a potential criminal. We have cities in Texas just like it. But we feel there is more than just the Tuscany Security at work here, much more.